One afternoon, as I laid my head on my pillow, i heared God ask me clearly, “Pee what are your moments? ” And i wondered… Because that wasn’t a usual question. Then i pondered for a while… and then i heared in my spirit, “Your moments are :
# Your decision
# What you do with your time.
# Your relationship with God, ”
Then God began teaching me. He said, “Pee respect your decisions, you will preserve your life. ”
Ephesians 5:15 says, “See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the times, because the days are evil.”
Every moment that will count in your life will be the fruit of a wise decision made today! So, if you must be in charge of your tomorrow, then your today must embody quality decisions!
Much more, the decisions you make today must be circumspectly followed daily, if they must take you to the fulfillment of your purpose in life.
Moreover, if your decisions must preserve your life, then you must live life each day by the Spirit.Otherwise you will meet pitfalls! The Holy Ghost in the believer is the inspiration of the Almighty that gives understanding (Job 33:8). Therefore he must be the one guiding you in taking decisions daily.
Note also that the value you have for your time, is equal to the value you have for yourself. That’s why God is interested in what you do with your time. It matters to him, because it will determine the assignment he puts in your hands This should be a check for all that desire to be leaders tomorrow.
The value you have for your time causes you to know the end from the beginning. It puts you in charge and gives you an edge over others. A person who knows the end from the beginning is in charge, and can never be disadvantaged. God bless you!
– by Pastor Pauline Ezeka
(Culled from the magazine :TOO BEAUTIFUL TO DIE. )

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