Children  (both male and female) are born into a family, trained and empowered to make that family greater, more prosperous and comfortable than their parents ever did – totally taking the family to a new level!

So, when you go take a daughter from a family as wife, it’s supposed to be a gain not a loss to that family. So don’t become a stranger or start acting like one after you have taken their daughter with you! Don’t turn your back on that family! So that they’re not plagued by a sense of loss. No! Be more of a son that God has added to that family, than one who has come to take their daughter (and in most cases their bread-winner) away. Don’t let that family become so impoverished and neglected  because their daughter got married. No!

You are to partner with their daughter, who is now your wife, to continue to fulfil her responsibilities towards her parents and siblings. Be the best son they could have ever had! Don’t discourage your wife from playing her role in her father’s house. This will make you win her total love, respect, dedication, commitment and undivided loyalty.

She will not need to do anything secretly for her family. Whatever needs to be done you do it together with one mind.

That’s why it’s important that you consider the family you’re marrying from, check your resources and financial status and see whether you can handle the responsibility of being a responsible son to the family, before marrying  somebody’s daughter.

This reality I’m sharing with you is usually not spelt out or written in black and white! Neither is it mentioned in the dowry or traditional “list” they give to the groom. But I tell you, it’s a very important fact of life that the present generation and society has neglected, and it has caused many wives and parents so much pain! But as for you, you will do well, in Jesus name!

Best regards,

Ada Ezeka

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