Text: 1Chronicles 22:5-14; Psalm 105:37
“… may you prosper and build…”
Lack of money makes a man so “feeble”and impotent to perform his duties towards his family. In fact, it makes a man lose respect before his wife and children! Whether we would like to admit it or not, lack of money is the cause of most of the problems in marriages.
No man can build anything “exceedingly magnificent, famous and glorious without prosperity (not just monthly salary or money that trickles in from here and there).
On the wedding day, a man receives a responsibility to build a great family for God that he(God) can use to accomplish a definite part of his agenda for the earth. This, I tell you,requires great prosperity – Zechariah 1:17.
How can a man build “a great household” like Job, and be confirmed as the greatest man in his time,without financial power? -Job 1:1-3. Financial power will makes a man strong, bold, confident and courageous to run his family, especially! Yes.
What I’m I saying? No man who is a husband and father should be comfortable with financial hardship! Abhor it, reject it and do something about it. God likes his men wealthy and rich and blessed in all things.Read about Abraham(Genesis 24:1, 34’35), Isaac (Genesis 26:1-14), Jacob (Genesis 30:43), Joseph,David, Solomon, etc. So don’t celebrate poverty and hardship as if God will give you an award for it! Your wife and children deserve a better life. A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children (not poverty, debt, and suffering).


May I say this: wealth is not given, wealth is made! Nothing any man gives you (including that your fat salary) can ever amount to wealth! Wealth is made; and it is GOd that gives power to make wealth -Deuteronomy 8:18.
So any man can be wealthy.Yes! It all depends on their relationship with the God who gives power to make the kind of wealth that doesn’t die with the man, but continues to multiply in the hands of his children even while he’s still alife.
Please settle down and read the story of the men I mentioned here and see how they went from zero to surplus…. It’s your turn! Just get angry with poverty instead of managing it!

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