Success in motherhood will never take the place of your failure in marriage!
No! They are both unique assignments that God would want you to succeed in. Much more because of generations coming after you.

You can’t hate your husband and claim you love his children!
If your husband doesn’t mean much to you, those children you claim mean so much to you.
It‘s only a question of time and they too won’t mean much to you, tell you! You will soon leave them to start pursuing some new fancy.

I always say that if you’re not a good wife, you can’t be a good mother either! Because you can’t pass the minor courses and fail the manor course and expect to qualify for the certificate for which you went into the university.

Let me tell you this, the children can never take the place of your husband in your life, no mattter how much you love them or want them to! You can’t reverse God’s original and concluded arrangement in marriage and family.

What I’m I saying? Don’t sacrifice your marriage at the altar of motherhood! You will end up so lonely and unfulfilled after the children are all gone to start their own families...

So, girl, start repairing your relationship with your husband, as you earnestly believe God for restoration of whatever both of you have allowed to spoil. And if your own marriage is okay now, don’t take it for granted; believe God for wisdom and grace to sustain the success!
#marriage #family #motherhood #relationship #wisdom #children

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