ANONYMOUS : What should a woman facing persecution from her husband do?

ADA EZEKA : My beloved, it’s like asking, ” What should a woman facing persecution on her job do? ”  Well then, it depends on how important the job is to you, what value, profit and blessing it’s adding to you.  That is what will determine whether you want to quit the job, or endure the persecution and stay on the job, because of what it means to you and your destiny in God.


Everywhere I go, I teach women that womanhood is a ministry from God. It is God that called us women into the job of wifehood, motherhood and homemaking (Titus 2:4-5).
And of these three, our primary assignment and major focus is wifehood. That is, the responsibility of investing our lives and God-given endowments into our marriages to see that our husband’s succeed in life as God has ordained for them. Proverbs 31:11 says of the capable wife, “she will do him (her husband) good all her life… “

Note that this assignment is unconditional. That is, it is not dependent on the kind of man your husband is, or how he treats you, because he already has a commandment to love you unconditionally and offer you quality leadership. He’s answerable to God as you are. So who he is, what he is and how he behaves towards you (except when domestic violence is involved), is not supposed to hinder your effectiveness on the job; if you’re expecting wages and promotion.

Oh yes! That’s why “GRACE” is the name of the game. (Read what Paul said in 1 Corinthians 15:10). And like I always say, God pays well! I saw that in Exodus 2:9 and Isaiah 65:21-22. His “Well done” and approval are the ultimate  (Read Acts 2:22).

Now dear, knowing this (that you’re a woman on a job in your marriage and family, and that it’s really not all about you but about posterity), I’d like to ask you:
* What is your marriage worth to you?
* What is success worth to you?

Your answers to these questions will determine whether you want to give up, quit the job (and of course make room for someone else to take your place) or believe God for GRACE, WISDOM AND STRENGTH of heart and mind to stay on the job, for the rewards and generational blessings that await you – though it may not be evident now.

I have come to see and come to terms with the fact that any woman who is not ready to make sacrifices in/for her marriage and family (which people watching you may consider as suffering), will be easily overwhelmed by the challenges of marriage and family life.

That’s why every woman must endeavour to live a life of intimacy with God and his Word. This is my own greatest secret…

May the Lord give you understanding, comfort you on every side, in Jesus precious name!

2 thoughts on “STAY ON THE JOB; IT’S WORTH IT!”

  1. What will be your advice to a woman whose husband asked to leave the home on grounds of infidelity. She is not born again and still cheats on the husband. I have talked to her but she rather preferred to seek signs than the word of God.

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