You see, the government of Jesus is more important in your marriage than the government of money. It is enthroning and giving full right of way to the government of Jesus in your marriage that will guarantee the flow of abundance of allthe provisions that you’ll ever need in your home. (Matthew 6:24-34).

MONEY OR YOUR HUSBAND? If you make money issues priority in your marriage, you won’t have a strong, peaceful and healthy marriage and family. In fact, as a woman you will be very miserable!

Some women have lost respect for their husbands and literally treat them like trash (and so frustrated and harassed consequently), because they’re the ones bringing in the money.

Listen, I’m not encouraging laziness and irresponsibility in men; but I really don’t think that your husband not being able to provide for the family (or being so stingy with his money), is enough reason for him to lose value or dignity in your sight. No! He’s your husband nah!

And then, for a man to cunningly dodge his financial responsibilities to his wife, the children and the home because his wife is earning money, is foolishness and wickedness in the sight of God! 1 Timothy 5:8 makes it very clear that the responsibility of providing for his family is the man’s, not that of him and his wife…

So God does not expect a man to plan his budget with his wife’s money in mind. When your wife proves your financial commitment to her and the home;she gladly and joyfully partners with you; sometimes even putting in more than you gave her without you knowing.
It’s part of the wisdom to build the home that God has blessed wife’s with (Proverbs 14:1). She can’t help it! Unfortunately many men have taken advantage of this to renege their responsibilities to their wives and children. That your wife can buy clothes, etc for herself doesn’t relieve you of that duty towards her.
I often say to men, ” If you allow your wife to become financially independent of you; you’ve lost her, i tell you! ”
Because financial indepence really corrupts the head women who have no wisdom.

Many men are unaware of this wisdom (of never allowing things to spoil when they have the money to make ends meet) that their wives operate. That’s why you hear them say, ” I don’t even know what you’re doing with your salary! ” This will hurt a woman who has been selflessly investing in the home; especially in domestic things and the children. And instead of being appreciated, she’s being questioned.

Again, it is not wisdom for a man to let his family suffer because he’s building or making kingdom investments. God will never ask you to give him what belongs to taking care of your wife and family and leave them hungry or leave the house rent or children’s school fees unpaid. Rather his wisdom allows that you “give to Ceaser what is Ceaser’s and give to God what is God’s.”

It is also important that men encourage and even partner with their wives to make contributions to the upkeep of their own parents and siblings. Many men don’t even think of it. That’s why many women do it secretly. And that’s not healthy at all!

Money issues? Deep! Sensitive! Be sober, be vigilant! Don’t allow the devil to use it to hurt, destroy or breed animosity or distrust in your marriage! Your marriage and family are more important to your destiny and that of the children than money. God has not ordained that we build our marriage and family with money, but with our spiritual quality (3 John 1:2, Matthew 7:24-27).

Marriage is spiritual; let’s get spiritual too! May the Lord give you understanding in Jesus name!
If you have already sacrificed the joy;, peace and health of your marriage at the altar of the pursuit of money and materialism, please take a quality decision now and rearrange your priorities; because tomorrow is surely coming… you wouldn’t want to spend it in regrets and anguish – would you! Cry out to God now for grace and wisdom to make changes.
God bless you!

I would love to hear from you!

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