I want to thank God for making me to be one of the beneficiaries of UNIVERSITY OF WOMANHOOD.
Since I started coming for the lectures, everything has changed for me,and it’s evident to all! Even my husband began to ask, “Is this you? ”
Now he is the one encouraging me to attend these lectures that have so changed me, my mindset and my behaviour! Even if he’s out of town the day of the lectures, he will call me to remind me.
He is also a beneficiary of the Family Life University Men’s Leadership Workshop.
We are both consciously practicing the wisdom we’re learning from the lectures.
My marriage is now working and I’m enjoying it.!

I also have a testimony from the “Drop It At My Feet” (personal prayer request) form. My sister’s husband had an issue of heart problem that i dropped at the Lord’s feet at the University Of Womanhood.
It was a passionate plea to God, because I couldn’t imagine my sister becoming a widow at her age. Today, my brother inlaw is healed; and joy has returned to their family!
I know it was a divine intervention; because it was like a hopeless case. I give God all the praise! – (Name withheld).

I would love to hear from you!

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