As the year draws to a close, be consumed with an overwhelming consciousness of all God’s blessing and additions to your life and family this year. Begin to stir up something mighty, the spirit of thanksgiving in your heart…
Don’t allow the devil to accuse God before you! Don’t let him give you a reason not to thank God! Don’t let him arrest your heart with murmuring!
Don’t let him draw your attention to what God has not yet done (from the “Things To Do” list that you prepared for God at the beginning of the year! ).
What that enemy of your joy will never tell you is that the requests in your list have already been treated and supplied in Christ!
God has answered all of man’s needs in Christ. It is finished! That’s why he demands thanksgiving from us.
Be thankful unto him and bless his name, my dear! Your case is settled already!
You will end this year 2015 dancing and celebrating; whether the devil likes it or not; in Jesus precious name!