God is a God of times,seasons, levels and phases. And he orchestrates them by his leadings – most times so very subtle and seemingly insignificant that if you’re not sensitive; or if you’re constantly distracted, you may miss it without knowing. That’s why he has put his Spirit in us – Ezekiel 36:27; John 16:13; 1Corinthians 2:9-13.



However, this I have come to know: God’s leading; God’s instruction; God’s signals will never take a man backwards – it’s always, forward!

As a matter of fact, his leading, instruction or signals come because he wants to do a new thing that will move us or the work in our hands to the next level. Though sometimes it usually doesn’t appear so – especially if we experience any disappointment,opposition, hardship or roadblocks.


This is why every believer/child of God must carve a niche for himself/herself in God.
What do I mean? Find out, cultivate and establish a unique and particular way things work between you and God. It’s possible!
That way, you will not need to immitate what is working for others; or feel inadequate or intimidated when they share their testimonies of success and walk with God.

This is why God is first and foremost looking for people who will WALK with him, not people who will WORK for him. Your relationship with God is more important to him than the work you claim to be doing for him. Sonship is all about relationship; from which responsibility naturally ensues from the father...
It’s our walk with God that makes sons out of us more than anything else… It keeps the communication line constantly open for instructions and signals from the Father. This will give us more supernatural and effortless results in our pursuits. Praise God!

I would love to hear from you!

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