You come to your wedding as a man and a woman. But the wedding automatically qualifies and licenses you both as husband and wife. Then, marriage begins.


But the sad thing, and the greatest undoing of many marriages, is that many husbands and wives are doing marriage as just men and women. No wonder being married is not easy for many married couples. It takes a husband and a wife to be married.

If you, man, will consciously allow the husband in you to take the stage; and you, wife, allow the wife in you to take the stage, you will both have a marriage indeed -effortlessly! I tell you!


Marriage is a spiritual institution, designed to be practiced by two spiritual male and female that have been legally joined together as husband and wife.

So,it’s your spiritual quality that will wake up the husband/wife in you to do marriage. This is why being truly married has been very difficult for many in marriage. Two carnal, constantly sense-ruled people can’t make it in marriage!


God first made the male and female “in his own image and in his own likeness”,before giving them the responsibility of marriage. Sin, dedtroying the God nature in Adam and Eve, introduced the nature of the devil. Since then marriage that God ordained as “very good”, became a battle field for husbands and wives! But thank God, the damage has been reversed in/by Jesus Christ for us all. So who you submit to (God or Satan), will determine what happens in your marriage now.

So we see that the God dimension is the missing link in many marriages. That is why husbands and wives who have become spiritually mature are enjoying marriage…


Many think that divorce, separation or marrying someonelse is the answer to a better marriage. That’s a deception from the devil. Taking the responsibility to become a better, more spiritually mature you is the answer. Otherwise you will repeat the same failures, pains, hurts and mistakes in the 2nd marriage.

If your marriage must not end in divorce (which God says he hates), he recommends that both of you (husband and wife) “take heed to your spirits… “. – Read Malachi 2:13-16.

So you see, there is hope for your marriage! Oh, Father, thank you!

I would love to hear from you!

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