Beauty soon fades… “
Proverbs 31:28 (MSG)


Yes, beauty soon fades, sweetheart ! So God couldn’t possibly have tied your great destiny to your outward looks. It’s all insi

That’s why he said in 1Samuel 16:7, “For I the Lord do not look as men look. Men look at the outward, I look at the heart. “

Your real beauty,girl, is hidden inside you. It’s the person God created you to be. BEAUTY is in the person (the man/woman inside that your body) not in your looks!

It is beauty that cannot be touched, destroyed,affected or corrupted by anything physical – like age,plastic surgery, cream, weather, accident,acid or deformity of any kind!


That’s why it’s spiritual ignorance to call a person who has no eyes, legs, hands, ears; or someone who is deaf and dumb “handicapped ” or “less-privileged”. The real person is inside – untouchable and unreachable by any calamity or congenital malformation!

The in-built beauty is incorruptible and cannot die! Very precious in the sight of God more than your outward looks. It’s a hidden treasure to be discovered! It is something to be drawn-out and exploited for the fulfilment of your purpose and destiny in life.


Trading or marketing your looks for money is undervaluing yourself! You’re worth more than your looks!

So tell me,what happens if anything should happen to your looks; or when the looks begin to fade; or when someone with better looks comes up!

It’s pure unforgivable vanity to focus all your attention and investment on your looks, at the expense of the you on the inside that God has given as a unique and peculiar gift to this world!

Please, my dear, settle down and google/read the biography of men and women who have affected this world positively. You will see that it’s not their looks that made them. It’s what they did with God’s deposits in them.

The fame that goes down generations and become a legacy comes from discovering, developing and trading the treasures of God in you.

Don’t be deceived or confused by the current reality shows, etc that are marketing and making soon-to-disappear wealth out of vanity and immorality….

You are a heaven-packaged beauty and brains – all on your inside… “ He hath set the world  (eternity) in the hearts of men” (Ecclesiastes 3:11).
What will give you (or create for you) the world, wealth and fame that God has ordained for you, are on your inside – in your spirit-the real you…. May the Lord give you understanding, in Jesus name, I pray!

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