Text : Proverbs 22:19
So that your trust (belief,reliance,support, and confidence) may be in the Lord… “ (AMP)


Seriously, think about this: if the scriptures have given you the assurance that, “the desire of the righteous shall be granted”, and that “thine expectation shall not be cut off”….Tell me then,is it not foolishness or kind of irresponsible to see what you did not believe God for (what you did not desire,what you are not expecting, what your faith did not place an order for) and begin to despair, fret, worry or think that God has disappointed you? Think about it… really!


If you ordered and paid for something online; or you sit down at a restaurant and ordered for a meal you desire, and they bring you something else, will it even bother you?
Do you start fretting and weeping or feeling like the world has come to an end? Of course not!
You simply reject it, and tell them it’s not what you ordered for. Then with your expectation still intact, you patiently wait for what you ordered for, because you know you ordered it from the right source, and it’s coming. Alleluia!


No matter what you see or hear while waiting to take delivery of your expectation from your Father, God, don’t be moved or you sabotage your faith (Read James 1:5-8).

Satan will come (in his to and fro business) hawking his “goods”, don’t even give him any attention, because he’s not God’s delivery man.
And of course, you should know what your faith ordered (ie what you desired of the Lord) looks like, abi?

Read these other scriptures for more understanding :
*Isaiah 26:3. *Jeremiah 17:5-8. *Lamentations 3:26. *Philippians 4:6-7. *Mark 11:23-24.

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