TEXT : 1Samuel 25: 25
… Don’t  dwell on what
the brute Nabal did. He
acts out  the meaning
of his name; Nabal,fool. Foolishness oozes from
him. “


The price of foolishness is beyond what any man can imagine or even envisage. If men know the extent of the damage that foolishness can cause in a man’s life, family and affairs, they will pay the price for wisdom.

For instance the Goodnews translation of Proverbs 19:3 says, “Some people ruin themselves by their own stupidity (foolishness ) and they blame God.”

Then Psalm 107:17 says, Fools because of their transgressions and their iniquity are afflicted… “

Our case study, Nabal, is a very vivid and powerful example of how foolishness
can totally devastate a man, his family and all that he has spent his life building and accumulating.
By one single act of foolishness,which was characteristic of him (and I believe was the last straw that broke the camel’s back), Nabal, in one day, lost his wife to another man, lost his family,all his wealth, and finally, his life!


The words used to describe Nabal simply make us know the character (or fruits) of foolishness. So, wickedness, pride,meanness, brutishness, insensitivity and inability to interprete spiritual signals, etc, are signs of foolishness in a person’s heart – no matter how rich or highly placed in the society he/she is.

We also learn from Nabal’s tragic end that no matter how long it takes, foolishness and its repeated acts, will deliver its dividends to the one who practices it.

May this message be someone’s total liberty from the spirit of foolishness, in Jesus name! It’s never too late to make a necessary change! Please read full story of Nabal in the whole of 1Samuel 25. Such accounts are in the Bible for our example. Be blessed!

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TEXT :1 Samuel 18:14 & 16

“And David behaved wisely
n all his ways, and the Lord was with him… all Israel and Judah loved David. “


In our ratings and approval of people and ourselves, let us begin to place Character, over and above title, position and possessions.

This mistake I believe is the reason for vices like pride, overestimation of self, greed, covetousness, etc. People no longer care what they do how they do it; or where they go to get a title, position or wealth, just so that they can be accepted, or so they can belong. Now, it’s all about status symbol, names and connection!


I have come to realise that what earns you lasting and enviable respect in life is character! Any respect based on anything else but character, quickly evaporates at the instance of the manifestation of any character flaw! It’s such a shocking reality.


Character is a product of exposure to the right environment, right
information/knowledge, right company and a polished and functional mindset that comes from a quality fellowship with God and his Word. It is also a product of your value for people…

Let’s change our style! Let’s begin to redefine our values and priorities in life…

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Text: Proverbs 29:18
Where there is no vision,
the people perish… “

Those who can’t catch a picture of tomorrow kill/deform/eat up their future today!

The picture of tomorrow usually looks unattractive today! The seed of tomorrow usually looks inconsequential today! The size of tomorrow usually looks so small and insignificant today! It takes a person of vision to see tomorrow/the future in today. That’s why many miss it in life; and then blame everything else and everyone else but themselves for their failure and pernury!


However, it’s all about mindset! It’s all about perspective! It’s all about vision! Those who can’t see their tomorrow today, will never have a tomorrow to arrive at and enjoy when they get there! It’s such people that live at the mercy of others. It’s such people that become a menace to the society, and a stumbling block for others!
They’re the ones that abuse opportunities and privileges when it’s given to them! They’re  the ones who resort to armed robbery, the occult, cultism, 419, money laundering and looting when they enter their tomorrow  – because they must now make it by all means…


Don’t sell you for things and momentary pleasures! Your future is in you! All that you’ll ever be or possess in life is in you! Don’t damage you! Don’t trade you for anything man has to give you! If you lose you you lose all – your tomorrow and all you could have ever been or have.

The “birthright ” is you in God’s original mold and packaging – so rich,so adequate,so complete and good enough for the glorious and fulfilling future, destiny and purpose God has planned for you. Then education or what else comes from outside, is just to draw out, and enhance the release and performance of the you in you!
 (Proverbs 5:20 – ” Counsel in the heart of man is like water in a deep well; a man of understanding draweth it out… “)

Esau lost all that he could have been, all that he was ordained to have and become for momentary physical satisfaction. When he lost his birthright to Jacob, he also lost all the privileges and opportunities and empowerment God had calculated into his destiny to take him there. Read the story in Genesis 27; you”‘ll understand what I’m saying. He then lived all his life bitter and seeking revenge.

Now, the most scary thing about selling you (your birthright) is that you also sell the destiny of your future descendants along with it! Wow!
Read about Esau’s descendants in the Bible! Anyways, what else could we have expected of a man of whom God said,  “Esau I have hated.. “, from when he was in the womb!

Really people, let’s be careful about our choices and decisions today! It matters to our tomorrow, and that of generations after us. Selah.

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Text: Ephesians 6:10
In conclusion, be strong in the Lord (be empowered through your union with him); draw your strength from him (that strength which his boundless might provides)… ” -AMP


Marriage is such a great responsibility that comes with so many unimaginable challenges and demands on everything you are and everything you’ve got! Many are not aware of this and consequently are not properly prepared for it.


It takes two very strong and very determined people to have a strong marriage! The unexpected challenges that marriage throws your way are such that if you’re not strong spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, Satan will get you thinking that you married the wrong person or that it was not worth it after all!


But i tell you, marriage is God’s will for you. And, will a loving father will evil or destruction for his children?
God is the one that made marriage, and everything God made was “very good” – including the male and female he made to live in marriage and make the most of it for their maximum joy and fulfilment, and for the fulfilment of His purpose for creating man (as is recorded in Genesis 1:26-28).


Sin came and surplanted the God-essence in the first husband and wife, corrupted their hearts, and then everything,(including marriage) became a struggle! Now,two Godless and selfish people have to depend on what they think, feel and see to do marriage! Their spirits with which they could connect with God for wisdom for success in marriage and life in general, had been disconnected from God! Read all of Genesis chapter 3.


God sent Jesus to remove both sin and Satan out of the way and consequently. reconnect man back to him and to everything that is good!

If you have accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, you are now a new man with a new spirit that can relate with God and draw life, wisdom and strength into your spirit, soul (mind, will and emotions), and body to have a strong; fulfilling and prosperous marriage as God had originally intended! Every other area of your life depends on it!


The mental, physical, emotional, material, physical and financial strength you need to stand strong and fulfil your own role in building a strong marriage that will guarantee your total fulfilment,all depend on your spiritual strength (3 John 1:3).And except you’re strong in the Lord and the power of His might, you cannot have spiritual strength!

I always say that it is very difficult to be a happy anything else in life if you’re not a happy husband/wife (or happily married). It’s better to remain single than to be married and not be happy in/with your marriage. Yes! Because it affects everything – no matter how much you try to act like it really doesn’t.

So, instead of thinking of quitting your marriage, suffering in silence, living in pain and regrets and sadness, go for the strength that comes from God! Spend more time with God in prayer, studying the Word, reading books and listening to anointed wisdom-impacting messages on CDs.

This is the only way out! May the Lord reward your efforts as you embark on this strategic search for a lasting solution to all the stress, hurts and uncertainties in your marriage! God bless you!

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Text: Luke 15:11-32
“… and when he had SPENT ALL, he began to be in want. ”

Whatever is spent is indeed spent – gone! Only what is invested multiplies. God wants you consumed with an investment mentality. Because whatever God gives you or blesses you with, he wants it increased/multiplied so that it can reach others whose lives and destinies he has tied to yours, as he was sending you to this world.

Oh yes, don’t you know? God believes in networking! He said of Jesus (through old Simeon), “This child is for the rising and falling of many… “  So there are many destinies tied to yours! It makes the work easier for God! That’s why he told Abraham, “I will bless you and out of that blessing all families of the earth will be blessed.” – Genesis 12:3.

That’s why selfishness and any form of prodigality is so intolerable – totally a sabotage of God’s concluded plan for the world of humanity. Every good, mistake or evil you do, every foolishness or wisdom you exhibit, has been divinely orchestrated to have a ripple effect!


So as a matter of fact, we’re not living for ourselves. Living for yourself alone is unprofitable living! The story of the prodigal son says he spent all that his father allotted to him on riotous and unprofitable, self-centred living! That was why it all finished and he became worse than poor!

Whatever you keep spending will soon finish, but whatever you invest will multiply and keep multiplying, if you keep investing it. Consumers will never become distributors! Only investors/givers will!


God wants us to spend on ourselves from whatever he gives us; but not all. In every blessing he sends into your life or family there is a portion to meet your need. There is “bread”, and there is seed to sow for more bread to come for eating (2Corinthians 9:5-10).

So don’t hoard; don’t keep more than you need. That’s poverty mentality! Share, distribute and trust God for supplies before the next need comes. Giving hands will never become begging hands – Luke 6:38.! Never, I say!

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