Text :Ecclesistes 10:15

” The Labour of fools
    wearies them
   For they do not even
   know how to go to
   the city. “

God is not an anyhow God! He likes things done his own how; not anyhow – “decently and in order. “, he reccomends in 1Corinthians 14:40.

So it’s our responsibility to first settle down to know and understand how he wants things done before we do it. Zeal is not enough; your good intentions or motive are not enough either.


Pleasing God must begin with”Nevertheless, what says th the scriptures… ” – Galatians 4:30.

Jesus said, “My Father is with me always; he never leaves me alone; because I do always the things that please him. ” – John 8:29.

Jesus taught in Matthew 6:33, “Seek he first the kingdom of God”; much more, “his righteousness (the bright ways of doing things in his kingdom. “

May your thanksgiving this season, please God for rewards and his anointing that multiplies what you’re thanking him for, as you faithfully do it according to scriptural recommendations!
EG: Psalm 95:1-3; Psalm 96:7-8; Jeremiah 30:19; Luke 17:7.

#thanksgiving #ascommanded #disorder #notanyhow #GodisnotananyhowGod


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