Text: Luke 15:11-32
“… and when he had SPENT ALL, he began to be in want. ”

Whatever is spent is indeed spent – gone! Only what is invested multiplies. God wants you consumed with an investment mentality. Because whatever God gives you or blesses you with, he wants it increased/multiplied so that it can reach others whose lives and destinies he has tied to yours, as he was sending you to this world.

Oh yes, don’t you know? God believes in networking! He said of Jesus (through old Simeon), “This child is for the rising and falling of many… “¬† So there are many destinies tied to yours! It makes the work easier for God! That’s why he told Abraham, “I will bless you and out of that blessing all families of the earth will be blessed.” – Genesis 12:3.

That’s why selfishness and any form of prodigality is so intolerable – totally a sabotage of God’s concluded plan for the world of humanity. Every good, mistake or evil you do, every foolishness or wisdom you exhibit, has been divinely orchestrated to have a ripple effect!


So as a matter of fact, we’re not living for ourselves. Living for yourself alone is unprofitable living! The story of the prodigal son says he spent all that his father allotted to him on riotous and unprofitable, self-centred living! That was why it all finished and he became worse than poor!

Whatever you keep spending will soon finish, but whatever you invest will multiply and keep multiplying, if you keep investing it. Consumers will never become distributors! Only investors/givers will!


God wants us to spend on ourselves from whatever he gives us; but not all. In every blessing he sends into your life or family there is a portion to meet your need. There is “bread”, and there is seed to sow for more bread to come for eating (2Corinthians 9:5-10).

So don’t hoard; don’t keep more than you need. That’s poverty mentality! Share, distribute and trust God for supplies before the next need comes. Giving hands will never become begging hands – Luke 6:38.! Never, I say!

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