TEXT :1 Samuel 18:14 & 16

“And David behaved wisely
n all his ways, and the Lord was with him… all Israel and Judah loved David. “


In our ratings and approval of people and ourselves, let us begin to place Character, over and above title, position and possessions.

This mistake I believe is the reason for vices like pride, overestimation of self, greed, covetousness, etc. People no longer care what they do how they do it; or where they go to get a title, position or wealth, just so that they can be accepted, or so they can belong. Now, it’s all about status symbol, names and connection!


I have come to realise that what earns you lasting and enviable respect in life is character! Any respect based on anything else but character, quickly evaporates at the instance of the manifestation of any character flaw! It’s such a shocking reality.


Character is a product of exposure to the right environment, right
information/knowledge, right company and a polished and functional mindset that comes from a quality fellowship with God and his Word. It is also a product of your value for people…

Let’s change our style! Let’s begin to redefine our values and priorities in life…

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