TEXT : 1Samuel 25: 25
… Don’t  dwell on what
the brute Nabal did. He
acts out  the meaning
of his name; Nabal,fool. Foolishness oozes from
him. “


The price of foolishness is beyond what any man can imagine or even envisage. If men know the extent of the damage that foolishness can cause in a man’s life, family and affairs, they will pay the price for wisdom.

For instance the Goodnews translation of Proverbs 19:3 says, “Some people ruin themselves by their own stupidity (foolishness ) and they blame God.”

Then Psalm 107:17 says, Fools because of their transgressions and their iniquity are afflicted… “

Our case study, Nabal, is a very vivid and powerful example of how foolishness
can totally devastate a man, his family and all that he has spent his life building and accumulating.
By one single act of foolishness,which was characteristic of him (and I believe was the last straw that broke the camel’s back), Nabal, in one day, lost his wife to another man, lost his family,all his wealth, and finally, his life!


The words used to describe Nabal simply make us know the character (or fruits) of foolishness. So, wickedness, pride,meanness, brutishness, insensitivity and inability to interprete spiritual signals, etc, are signs of foolishness in a person’s heart – no matter how rich or highly placed in the society he/she is.

We also learn from Nabal’s tragic end that no matter how long it takes, foolishness and its repeated acts, will deliver its dividends to the one who practices it.

May this message be someone’s total liberty from the spirit of foolishness, in Jesus name! It’s never too late to make a necessary change! Please read full story of Nabal in the whole of 1Samuel 25. Such accounts are in the Bible for our example. Be blessed!

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