CASE STUDY: ANANIAS & Saphira – Acts 5:1-1-11-year


Personal conviction is important in taking a decision concerning the steps we take, the choices and decisions we make in life.

It is foolishness to decide to do something because others are doing it. You may be surprised to find out that though it worked  for them, it didn’t for you, but rather complicated your life and caused you losses.

This was what happened to Ananias and his wife Sa phira. There was a new move of God; they wanted to be part of it, but their hearts were not instructed and trained in the principles and accepted ethics of it.

Consequently, they did not have the right spirit, because they didn’t have a good understanding of the divine inspiration working in the hearts of the Word-filled, Spirit-filled new believers who were selling their lands and houses and dropping the money at the Apostles’ feet for the spread of the Gospel. They were in church, but church was not in them!


Ananias’ and Saphira’s unregenerated hearts deceived them! Whatever you do for God, or in God’s name, must come from a heart that has been educated and transformed by a revelation of the Word of God in the area you desire to please God; so that your good does not incur the wrath of God upon your life and family….

What I’m I saying here? Our knowledge and understanding of God is more important to him, and is actually the foundation for doing anything that pleases him. Read Jeremiah 9:23-24,; Proverbs 13:15. 

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