Text : Genesis 2:24
“That is why a man
leaves his father and
mother and is united
with his wife, and they
become one. ” (GNB)

Life After wedding is serious business! That is because marriage is serious business – which is what life after wedding is.
Another name for life after wedding is “MARRIAGE “. It begins right from the moment the bride and groom are declared “husband and wife”; or “Mr and Mrs…. “.

There has been so much trial and error in marriages that many young people actually conclude, “If this is what marriage is all about, then I don’t think I want to be married! ”
Some others watch the battle field called “marriage” between their parents, and they are totally confused about the necessity of marriage.

One of our daughters once watched one of such “battle-field” sessions between her dad and I one day and said to me (in tears),
“When I marry, my marriage will be like that of (she mentioned a well-known man and woman of God)… ”
She was 17 years old then.

Much later, I sat her down and I said,
“It will be good for you to withdraw that statement; because you really don’t know the price either of those people have paid in their marriage. Will you be willing to pay the same price?”
“You see,I continued, ” I would rather you say and pray, ‘ ‘When i marry, my marriage will be a model to many… ”

The reason I gave her that counsel was because every marriage is as unique as the two individuals in it. So no two marriages can ever be the same!
People bring their different personalities, backgrounds and personal convictions into the marriage relationship, and then begin the journey of truly becoming “one flesh”…
   (… to be continued )
#lifeafterwedding #marriage  it’s a #process #journey #unique #notrialanderror it’s  serious #business it’s #work so much to #learn

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