(Lecture delivered at First Lady of Imo State’s outreach for pregnant women).



* Don’t look for pity; pregnancy is not a burden, neither is it a punishment!

* Don’t use pregnancy as a weapon of control over your husband,   employer, coleagues or in-laws. You’re more than that. Yes.
Some women do that. That’s cheap and immature! Don’t do it, okay?





* Speak over your baby continually – while bathing the baby, feeding, dressing or changing the baby’s diaper. 2 Corinthians 4:13 says,
And since we have the
same spirit of faith… we
also believe and therefore
speak… “
And Mark 11:23 says you shall have whatever you say.

* Fill your heart with scriptural realities about divine health, growth, supernatural intelligence, protection, wisdom, blessing and let your mouth never cease declaring and prophesying them over your child.
That way you surround the atmosphere around your child with the power of God that will keep frustrating every plan of the devil. Gods Word carries God’s power to establish the will of God (and abort the will of the devil) in our lives.
” Where the Word of a
King is,! there is power… “

*Don’t ever fear that your child will catch this or that! No matter whose baby is catching what, know, be convinced and confidently keep declaring that your baby is too kept by the power of God to be a victim!

* Believe your words enough not to be moved by any negative news, symptoms or medical report.
I was so angry when I heard the negative reports the doctor gave about my two- year old grand-daughter. I said to her father,
“How can the doctor be telling such lies about a child that I kept speaking life, health, smooth growth and everything supernatural over everyday I bathed her – for three months? ”
I was very angry, I tell you!  Because when a farmer has planted seed, he knows what harvest he’s expecting. So he can’t just accept or settle for any harvest that doesn’t look like the seed he planted. Words are seed. So be careful what kind of words you’re speaking over or concerning your child; because the harvest will surely come, I tell you!

* Speak over your body continually, until it returns to the perfect shape you want.

* Don’t use breastfeeding as an excuse to over eat, in the guise of “eating for two”….
Stay off heavy meals. When I go for “omugwo” (care of your daughter and your new born grandchild), I feed my daughters more of veggies than carbohydrates – boiled carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, Irish potatoes, green beans, fruits, spicy and protein-rich soup, etc. I underplay the carbohydrate…
So by the time they step out for the child dedication they look shapely and beautiful – to everyone’s amazement… no bulging stomach!

Oh well, i certainly can’t tell you everything in one lecture, can I?
All I believe I have succeeded in letting you know, is that there is a God dimension to pregnancy and childbirth that makes them both a sweet and stress-free, trouble-free, complication-free supernatural experience.
Don’t settle for anything less! Know that, beyond medical care, God has a pre-settled plan for your safety and total wellbeing in pregnancy and childbirth. Be wise enough and determined to take advantage of it. God bless you!

(Please share this with others. It’s a rare but necessary knowledge for all… )
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