Sin-consciousness is a weight that will never allow any Christian to enjoy the full riches and glory of the new life in Christ! It chokes the mind of Christ in you – ” But you have the mind of Christ. ” – 1Corinthians 2:16.
And you need the mind of Christ to live as Christ lived on this earth – 1John 2:6

Christianity is a calling to live the same kind of life that Jesus Christ lived when he was on this same earth – fully advertising the God that men could not know nor see – Colossians 1:15

Operating with the mindset of the just demands that you walk constantly in
However, you can’t keep hearing preaching on sin and live free of sinconsciousness. It is only teachings on righteousness (the Gospel of Christ -Romans 1:16) that will wake up your spirit man to righteousness consciousness.
God has made us righteous so we can live free of sin and think, talk and behave like him – even while still in our humananity.

Righteousness is the rightness of God in your spirit that empowers you to live like God here on earth – on his behalf. For instance, righteousness cannot sin!
You walk in that consciousness and sin can never make you dance to its tune anymore. You are the righteousness of God in Christ ( 2Corinthuans 5:17). Can God sin?

All scripture is given… for  instruction in righteousness… 2Timothy 3:15-16.
God has given you his Word (God’s law for free men) to give you a proper education on righteousness and what it demands of you,; and also to train and equip your heart with the wisdom required to practice a lifestyle of righteousness without struggles.

Friend, you can live strong and powerful! You can live like royalty! You can truly live the Christian life effortlessly!
(Romans 8:1-13)
Note that you don’t grow in righteousness, neither can you add anything to it! It is the righteousness of God – perfect and complete – he chose to impart it to you.

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