Text : Isaiah 38: 1 & 9
” In those days Hezekiah
was sick and near death…
Hezekiah, king of Judah…
had been sick and has
recovered from his sickness”


You see death does not have the final say in your life. Healing is the final judgement. So, why postpone your healing till tomorrow when you can be healed today – in fact now!
Jesus already paid the price for that your sickness, or that disease that wants to kill your body. Isaiah 53:5 assures you that by his wounds you are healed. 2Peter 2:24 also corroborates this unchanging reality.

If you make up your mind for divine healing, just like medical doctors use drugs to heal, what God ( “the Lord that healeth thee” ) is his Word (Proverbs 4:20-22).
Just like you receive the doctor’s prescribed drugs into your body, if you receive the Word of God into your heart, it brings you healing – perfect, permanent healing! It goes right to the root of the ailment and destroys it – read Hebrews 4:12.
The Word of God (healing scriptures) is the strongest drug on earth! It will always heal – all manner of diseases and all manner of sicknesses – read Matthew 4:23-25!

“And this is the victory that
overcometh the world, even
our faith. ” – 1John 5:4.
Beware of feelings and symptoms in your body – read Jonah 2:8! Faith is the victory, not feelings! Confessing what God’s Word says inspite of whatever you see or feel in your body, is the greatest act if faith.
The power of life and death is in the tongue; not in your feelings, not with the doctors, not in what the test reports say! You have the final say. Stop telling the doctors and people how terrible you feel, so that the will understand. They don’t have to understand. The life us yours not theirs! Doctors have seen a lot of deaths, a lot of sick people; so whatever your feeling doesn’t move them! Do you hear me?
If your heart receives the Word of God and you continue to diligently and faithfully declare it over your body daily, the devil has not come up with the sickness or disease that will not now to it!
Ecclesiastes 8:4 says, “For where the Word of the king is there is power. “
Beloved, enough is enough! Don’t watch that sickness take you from your loved ones, or keep you a concern to them! Stop postponing your healing! Stop waiting for drugs to heal you! Take the healing that Jesus has paid into your account, now!
You can be healed now!
Read Mark 11:23-24 now, and begin to lash out at that ailment in your body…
Also go for books on healing for mire knowledge and empowerment to free your body from that sickness /disease. You can have the last laugh, i tell you! God lives you! God wants you healed and healthy – 3John v 2.
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