Text: Matthew 19:4-5
” He (Jesus) replied, Have you never read that He who made them from the beginning made them male an female,
And said, For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and shall be united firmly (joined inseperably) to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. ” – AMP


“One flesh”? Is it possible?
Is God not asking for too much? How shall these things be? (Like Mary asked in Luke 1:32-34).
Okay, one flesh for what?

Becoming one flesh in marriage is a process; which is what marriage is all about. A divinely ordained relationship between a man and a woman that have been legally joined together as husband and wife, which gives them the opportunity and legal platform to so relates and fuse back into “man“.
This is for the benefit of full and complete empowerment and authority to exercise dominion, rule and govern the earth, that God conferred on man (which he made male and female) -see Genesis 1:26:28.

Becoming one flesh in marriage is a process; it’s a pouring in into one container (which is the marriage). The husband is pouring in, the wife is pouring in. This makes divorce immpossible. Can you seperate a bottle of Coke, for instance,that has totally merged with, and completely lost its identity in a merger with a bottle of Fanta, for instance?
Marriage is supposed to be a merger! It’s more of giving than taking! It’s a patnership where each has something to put in.

You see, there’s a husband in every man, and there’s a wife in every woman. It only comes out in marriage, not so much when they are single. It’s the Manufacturer’s (God) decided packaging, with his job for each of them in mind.
So, in marriage you are supposed to be more than a man or a woman. You are to allow the husband or wife in you to take the stage.
Many enter marriage and they still continue thinking and behaving like they’re still single. It will hurt the marriage.

How do I go from just a man/woman to hysband/wife?, you ask.
1* Well, settle down and begin to study the scriptures and read relevant books, listen to messages and attend conferences that will correctly educate you to know and understand the role and Gods expectation of you as husband/wife.
2* Marriage is a spiritual institution, and it will take quality spirituality to do marriage and succeed in it the way God has planned. Adam and Eve were created as spirit beings. So they were not supposed to have any problem in marriage – they were created to function like God. But sin came and reduced them to mere human beings depending only on their senses, intellect, will and emotions to function (an impossible place of doing the will of God – Romans 8:6). The God/spiritual essence in them was corrupted.
Anything is possible, any demand of God is attainable only on the platform of spirituality – John 4:23-24; 3John v 2.

We have to begin to see our marriages as a responsibility that we owe God, the Church , our nation, and generations coming after us. Let’s begin to de-emphasise our personal needs, ambitions, expectations and desires.

If we could bring the oneness and ecstasy we enjoy in sex into life outside the bedroom (i.e. in the home), we’ll have better marriages, I tell you!
What brings about this oneness and ecstasy in bed? I’ll tell you… In sex, we use our hearts, and everythig God has wired us with to do sex. But in marriage we use our heads! Read Malachi 2:15; Romans 8:6-8.
I rest my case….

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