Text: Isaiah 54:2-4
Enlarge your house; build an addition. Spread out.. and fear no expense…For you will soon be bursting at the seams…
Fear not; you will no longer live in shame…
Don’t be afraid; you will not be disgraced! ” – (NLT)


Fear paralyses initiative!
No matter the limitations and adverse conditions staring you in the face, desire to expand; to increase and to make progress in every area of your life!
Don’t limit yourself!
Don’t be your own enemy!
Don’t say, ” I can’t expand! ”
Don’t say, ” I don’t have anybody to help me.”
Rise up; go to God and cry out to him, ” Lord, help me! I want to increase. Open my eyes to something… give me a divine idea! ” (Read Isaiah 50:7-8; Genesis 11:6; Habakkuk 2:1-4. )

Don’t spare!
Don’t be lazy!
Don’t procrastinate! Venture! Take steps! Do something! Sow seeds! Make investments! Be creative – you have the mind of Christ (i.e., supernatural intelligence – 1Corinthians 2:16)!
Don’t entertain fear! God works with your faith not your fear!

You need to trust this your God. If God says, “Expand! “; then trust him and go ahead and do what he says. Don’t listen to whatever the devil is telling you. Take your eyes off whatever he’s drawing your attention to – Read Jonah 2:8.

When you fear it means you don’t trust God – you’re doubting what he has said. That is counterproductive – read James 1:5-8. Don’t hurt your own dream! If God has spoken, then make your plans and go for it. Be resolute!
God said, “Don’t be afraid, you will not be disgraced! ” Just work with his leading and instructions.

Don’t go wondering, “How will it happen? ” Remember? You were created with the ability to increase and multiply. It’s all in you – Genesis 1:26-28.
Besides, Jesus has come – John 10:10! So it’s time for increase! It’s time for increase! It’s time do expansion! It’s time for enlargement! Praise God!

FAITH, Fear, dream big, fearnot, bold, confident, takeoffthelimits, trustGod,divinedirection, instructions, be creative, think, imagine, procrastination

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