Text: Isaiah 9:6
” For unto us a child is born,
Unto us a son is given… “

Where do trees come from?
Where does a forest come from? From a little seed sown/planted, nurtured and diligently watered and tended…
Where does a big thing come from? From a small thing that someone believed in, kept investing in and refused to give up on…
Every other mother watched Herod’s men butcher their baby sons… But not Moses mother! She looked beyond the baby boy to see a future deliverer for the Hebrews. So she got creative…Exodus 2:1-9. And her baby lived to become the man God used to deliver his people from Egyptian bondage – Exodus 3:1-10.
Yes, small is big!
Don’t give up on that dream; that ministry; that business, that problem child… No don’t. Let God see your resilience, your dedication, your investments and sacrifices, your faithful stewardship, and reward you with such a mind-blowing increase, growth,multiplication and expansion; and probably, a future President!
Yes, that’s how small becomes big! It’s not magic… it’s a process! Receive grace, in Jesus name!