Text : Genesis 1:28
“Then God blessed them
and said, ‘Be fruitful and multiply… “


¤ God’s blessing empowers you to increase and multiply more than anything else in this world! It was so with:
¤ Isaac –
“Then Isaac sowed in that land and reaped in the same year a hundredfold; and the Lord blessed him. ” – Genesis 26:12.
¤ Abraham:
The Lord has blessed my master greatly and he has become great… ” – Genesis 24:35.

¤ God’s blessing empowers you to have dominion in three world’s… Hell can’t mess with a blessed man… The world can’t mess with a blessed man… Heaven stands at attention for a blessed man!
¤ Supernatural power and authority flow for a man that God has blessed. And God also said not to dare a man that he has blessed – read Genesis 12:1-3.

God will not have you anyhow else but blessed. Until you are blessed you’re not in the image and likeness of God – Genesis 1:26-28.
¤ The blessing of God empowers you to cheaply operate in the image and likeness of God anytime, anyday, anywhere.
¤ God’s blessing is the seal of your Godlikeness, your sonship.
That is, the blessing of God authenticates your divine status as a child of God; otherwise you’re just an ordinary man. So if you don’t want to live an ordinary life, you must be blessed. And the proof that you are blessed of God is increase, multiplication and absolute and unquestionable dominion in three worlds!
¤ That is, you’re a force to be reckoned with in heaven, on earth and in the kingdom of darkness. Alleluia!

From Genesis 12:2 we see also that the blessing empowers you for fame and greatness. God works with his blessing in your life to make you rich in everything; to the point that you’re lacking nothing – Proverbs 10:22. So if God must work in your life, you must be blessed.

Primarily through your obedience to divine instructions, guidance or direction..
The Spirit of God once told me, “Obedience delayed is blessing delated… “

Proverbs 8:32 says, “There is a spirit in man, and the inspiration if the Almighty gives him understanding. “
That is, you hear God speak to you, you act on God’s instruction, then the blessing comes upon you. It was so with Abraham as we see in Genesis 12:1-4; 13:2; Genesis 22. And at the end of his walk with God Genesis 24:1 said, “And God had blessed him in all things.”
To qualify to hear from God, you must have a thriving relationship with him. God won’t talk to just anybody.
¤ Proverbs 28:20 says,
“A faithful man shall abound with blessings. ”
That is, a man full of faith in God; a man who believes God enough to despise prevailing circumstances and situations to do His will; a man who has enough faith in God to give Him his best… with all his heart, all his soul, all his might.
Deuteronomy 6:5.
¤ God’s blessing on Job so empowered him to produce wealth and great economic, political and social influence – Read Job 1;:1-3. He commanded great respect – Job 29:7-11.
¤ God’s testimony of him also tells us that “he was a blameless and upright man” – Job 1:8.
Of course, you can’t be blessed anyhow!

The blessing of God is not things, it’s empowerment to succeed… it’s the anointing.
And if you’re born again, this empowerment, this anointing is already in you – 1John 2:20, 27. All you need to do is practice a life that will keep provoking /stirring up that empowerment in you for results; as Jesus modelled to us in his earthly walk.
You don’t need anything from outside to make the blessing of the Lord produce; all you need is in you – Philemon 1:6.
¤ Proverbs 10:22 says the blessing of the Lord makes rich; nothing needs to be added to it. Praise God.

It’s time to stop struggling and start living the blessing. You are not disadvantaged in anyway, and can never be no matter where you go. Yes!

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Text : Proverbs 4:23
” Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. “


Every man is led and driven by his heart. The things you need to do to get to where God has prepared for you in life, will only be revealed to you in your heart, by the Holy Spirit (or the devil, of course!). Read 1Corinthians 2:9-13.
This then determines what you will do or not do. So no man has any excuse. A man is moved to do whatever he does or says by his heart.Read Matthew 12:33-35.
A man’s heart will always speak to him; and what that man /woman becomes in life, will depend on what he does with what he hears his heart say to him. So, if you silence your heart your life will be silenced!

If you suffocate your heart your destiny will be suffocated! And if you pollute your heart, your entire life will be polluted. Oh yes! See Matthew 12:33.
The health of your whole life is, therefore, determined by how healthy your heart is. Please note that I am not speaking here about your biological heart, but your spiritual heart – the centre of your whole life and beign.

A healthy heart is a heart full of God – a heart free from iniquity and every form of unrighteousness – a heart that is consumed by the things that pertain to God and what he loves. A heart full of God is a hearing heart.

It’s your heart that marks you out from other men. When Moses died, inspite of many other men that could have taken his place, it was young Joshua that God spoke to to take over – Joshua 1:1. It was as I read this scripture and wondered why God made that move that I got this message I’m sharing with you.
God testified of Joshua in Numbers 14 that he had “another spirit”, and that he followed him fully, not as convenient; not one-leg-in-one-leg-out. No!

It’s a man’s heart that will determine his ways; and it’s his ways that determine his rewards. Read Jeremiah 32:9.

It’s the quality of a man’s heart that brings him distinction. David was preferred over his brother Eliab for kingship because of the quality of heart he had. God said so in1Samuel 16:7.

A correct heart will always get God’s attention. When Hannah decided to remove bitterness against Peninah and for her barrenness from her heart, she prayed and God answered her prayer – 1Samuel 1:1-23.

It is your heart that determines your works, and your works determine your rewards.

The strength of a man is in his heart and God sees and knows it. And the task God will give to a man depends on the strength of his heart.

God will trust any man with a correct heart. A correct heart counts with God more than a correct head – Mark 12:28-34.

What gives you access to the wealth of the kingdom is your heart. “It begins with a heart transplant”, Jesus told Nicodemus in John 3:3. God also promised this in Ezekiel 36:25:27.

When you love righteousness and hate wickedness your heart will be strong – Psalm 45:7. Courage is a product of a heart that knows God – Daniel 11:32; Psalm 1:1-3. This was the secret of David’s victory over Goliath in 1Samuel 17.
Courage is simply a willingness to pay the price for Christlikeness; refusing to let an intimidating world hinder you…
Do you need a heart surgery? Respond now to God’s plea – My son give me your heart... ” – Proverbs 23:26.

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Text : Acts 2:1-2
“… they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven… “


God’s faithfulness will always bring to pass what he has promised. It may look like it’s not coming; it may look like it won’t be; it may look like it won’t happen… But suddenly… it comes, it happens! Alleluia. Though the vision may tarry, suddenly, it comes… “slowly, steadily and surely… “! – Habakkuk 2:2-3 (TLB).

Surely there is an end to waiting, “And thine expectation shall not be cut off. ” -Proverbs 24:14.
God’s faithfulness will never let his Word or his promise fail in the life of anyone who dares to believe him. Never! Read Luke 1:45; John 11:40;
Look at Genesis 21:1... “And God visited Sarah… as he has promised… “  That’s God’s faithfulness for you!

☆It is good to hope and wait for God – Lamentations 2:25-26; Psalm 37:5, 7.
☆Don’t let your heart depart from him. Don’t seek alternatives! Read Jeremiah 17:5-8.
☆ Don’t stagger! Be fully persuaded… giving him glory. Read Romans 4:17-21
☆Judge him faithful to his promise. That is, believe that he will keep his promise. Read Hebrews 11:11.
☆Know that there is nothing too hard for him. Read Jeremiah 32:27.
☆ Know that he makes all things beautiful in his time. Read Ecclesiastes 3:11.
☆ Know that the time and seasons are under his own authority. Read Acts 1:6-7.
☆Know that “he is”; and that he is a rewarder of those who are diligent in seeking him. Read Hebrews 11:6.
☆Keep your heart fixed/stayed on him – Don’t shift your stand. Read Psalm 112:7; Isaiah 26:3; Deuteronomy 6:14-15.
☆Give yourself to prayer and the ministry of the Word. Read Acts 6:4; Acts 20:32.
☆Keep praying and speaking your desire and confidence in him. Read Mark 11:23-24.
☆Keep giving him glory, praise, thanksgiving and worship. Read Romans 4:19; Ephesians 5:20.
☆Do not worry. Read Matthew 6:25; Philippians 4:6.
☆Know that the Lord your God “he is the faithful God. ” Read Deuteronomy 7:7-9.
Yes, when the time fully comes, suddenly, it will happen! What you’ve been waiting for comes! It will come bursting in! Alleluia! Read Psalm 112:4; Acts 2:1-4.
Praise God!
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Text: Jeremiah 33:3
” Call to me, and I will answer you, I will tell you wonderful and marvellous things that you know nothing about. “


☆Terminate any form of affliction or suffering – James 5:13
☆Terminate barrenness – 1Samuel 1:27; Luke 1:13-24
☆Terminate bondage, sorrows – Exodus 3:7-10; Psalm 207:17-20k.
☆Reverse death sentence – Isaiah 38:1-5; 2 Samuel 12:13.
☆Stir up the power of God in you – James 5:16; Acts 4:31 & 33.
☆Get heaven on your side – 2Chronicles 15:11-14; Matthew 26:53; Matthew 18:18-19.
☆Bring healing – 2Chronicles 7:14; James 5:14-15.
☆Keep you strong – Luke 18; 1; Acts 6:4; Isaiah 40:29-31.
☆Translate your desires into reality – Mark 11:24.
☆Destroy anxiety – Philippians 4:6-7.
☆Open or shut any door – James 5:17-18.
☆ Turn your enemies against themselves –
2Chronicles 20:1-30.
☆Loose every prison chain – Acts 16:25; Acts 12:1-12.
☆And much, much more… “… exceedingly abundantly more than you can ask or think… ” – Ephesians 3:20.

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Text :Mark 1:16
“… for they were fishermen… “


What are you?
What work do you do?
God will meet you on your job anyday, anytime… Because he too is a working God. He’s not an idle God – “My Father has been working… ” – John 5:17.
So if you’re at home doing nothing while others are at work, you’re on your own, I tell you! Because God won’t come there… he’s out making rounds.

Promotion, change of status, prosperity and increase only come to those who are on the job – Luke 5:1-17.
God adds to you so you can do more work; not so that you can start something… He’s not a loan shark (money lender). He’s an investor. So he doesn’t give people capital to start something. Rather, he sees what you have chosen to capitalise on, and he invests in it.
That’s why Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, “Whatsoever your hands findeth to do, do it with all your might. “ Yes.! Because God is looking for where to invest. He’s a profit-oriented God… not a careless God. I tell you!
Additions come for those who have already put in something… not those who are waiting for God or somebody to give them something – Read 2Corinthians 9:6-11; Proverbs 11:24; Luke 6:38.

If you’re not working, you’re not a candidate for God’s blessings and riches. His promise is to bless the work of your hands… not your wishes, daydreaming or building castles in the air… Read Deuteronomy 28:8 & 12.
Isaac started something, then he began to prosper, continued to prosper, until he became richer than the country he was living in – Genesi 26:12-14.
Only the labourer is worthy of wages. Only the diligent is worthy of rewards – Hebrews 11:6. The scripture cannot be broken, I tell you; it can only be fulfilled!
God won’t bless you because you’re praying earnestly for him to; no! God will bless you because you have provoked the blessing; because you have done what commands blessings. For instance, Isaac sowed in that land, and God blessed him as he promised – see Genesis 26:1-12.

You will only begin to prosper, when you begin to work. So, get cracking!
Can I tell you something? The purpose of working is not just to earn a living, or to improve your status and standard of living. More than that, work gives you the awesome privilege and opportunity to serve your generation with your potentials, gifts and talents. That way, you leave footprints on the sands of time… and something you will always be remembered for after you’re gone from this earth. Isn’t that wonderful? Read Acts 13:36.
So please, don’t be comfortable with “worklessness”… not even as a “full-time housewife” or “stay home mom”. You were not created to live for only your husband, children or family.
Nothing gives fulfillment like relevance! And that, you can achieve working even from your home – touching lives and servicing the needs of others, by all means. Yes! Everything must be in its perspective! Wisdom, and divine direction is the name of the game… Alleluia!

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Only men check out your past to accept you today. As for God… God is a ” NOW” God! He’s a today God!

If this same God is your God, then relax! He won’t call for your past records… No! Neither does he need any man’s opinion to effect the plans he already concluded concerning you even before he formed you in your mother’s womb (Read Jeremiah 1:5) Isn’t that so comforting?

So, stop dancing around man! (Jeremiah 17:5-8)
Stop hanging around corridors of power! Make up your mind about God now; and start putting “all your eggs in one basket” – GOD!
I tell you, you won’t lose any! Rather, the eggs will multiply, without any leg work from you! Yes! That’s the picture Deuteronomy 11:10-16 and Deuteronomy 8:13 paint for us.
Read also : Isaiah 43:18-19;
Jeremiah 29:11.

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Text: John 3:21
“… No one can receive anything unless God gives it from heaven. ” -NLT


Whateveryou have in this world, if it is good, it came from God. No man came into this world with anything.
☆Psalm 45:3 – “I will give you treasures… “
☆Exodus 3:21 – “I will give this people favour… “

☆God is a God of additions…Matthew 6;:33 “… and all these things shall be added unto you. ”

☆God is a blessed… Genesis 1:28 – “…And God blessed them… ”
Genesis 24:1 – “…And God had blessed him in everything. ”

☆God provides…Hebrews 13:21 – “Now the God of peace provide you with everything good thing you need to do his will… ”

However, God has a plan for whatever he gives to you, adds to you or blessed you with. God will always place a demand on whatever he gives a man. I saw this trend running through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

♡He gave Joseph a dream… it was to bring him to a place where he can use him to rescue Israel in a time of world-wide famine…Read Genesis 37-47.

♡He gave Bezalel skill and expertise for art and designs… it was for beautifying the tabernacle that will be built in the wilderness… Read Exodus 31:1-3.

♡He loaded his people with silver and gold, jewelries and all manner of treasures as they left Egypt… He later made a demand for it all for the building of the tabernacle in the wilderness… Read Psalm 105:37; Exodus 25:1-8; Exodus 34 & 35.

♡He gave the Apostles power (as was promised in Acts 1:8)… it is so that they will go with it everywhere preach “all the words of this life”, with signs and wonders and miracles to show for the power… Mark 16:15:20; Acts 5:12.

Even so, God has a plan for your money… that is, if he’s the one that gave you power to make the money!

( to be continued )

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