Text :Mark 1:16
“… for they were fishermen… “


What are you?
What work do you do?
God will meet you on your job anyday, anytime… Because he too is a working God. He’s not an idle God – “My Father has been working… ” – John 5:17.
So if you’re at home doing nothing while others are at work, you’re on your own, I tell you! Because God won’t come there… he’s out making rounds.

Promotion, change of status, prosperity and increase only come to those who are on the job – Luke 5:1-17.
God adds to you so you can do more work; not so that you can start something… He’s not a loan shark (money lender). He’s an investor. So he doesn’t give people capital to start something. Rather, he sees what you have chosen to capitalise on, and he invests in it.
That’s why Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, “Whatsoever your hands findeth to do, do it with all your might. “ Yes.! Because God is looking for where to invest. He’s a profit-oriented God… not a careless God. I tell you!
Additions come for those who have already put in something… not those who are waiting for God or somebody to give them something – Read 2Corinthians 9:6-11; Proverbs 11:24; Luke 6:38.

If you’re not working, you’re not a candidate for God’s blessings and riches. His promise is to bless the work of your hands… not your wishes, daydreaming or building castles in the air… Read Deuteronomy 28:8 & 12.
Isaac started something, then he began to prosper, continued to prosper, until he became richer than the country he was living in – Genesi 26:12-14.
Only the labourer is worthy of wages. Only the diligent is worthy of rewards – Hebrews 11:6. The scripture cannot be broken, I tell you; it can only be fulfilled!
God won’t bless you because you’re praying earnestly for him to; no! God will bless you because you have provoked the blessing; because you have done what commands blessings. For instance, Isaac sowed in that land, and God blessed him as he promised – see Genesis 26:1-12.

You will only begin to prosper, when you begin to work. So, get cracking!
Can I tell you something? The purpose of working is not just to earn a living, or to improve your status and standard of living. More than that, work gives you the awesome privilege and opportunity to serve your generation with your potentials, gifts and talents. That way, you leave footprints on the sands of time… and something you will always be remembered for after you’re gone from this earth. Isn’t that wonderful? Read Acts 13:36.
So please, don’t be comfortable with “worklessness”… not even as a “full-time housewife” or “stay home mom”. You were not created to live for only your husband, children or family.
Nothing gives fulfillment like relevance! And that, you can achieve working even from your home – touching lives and servicing the needs of others, by all means. Yes! Everything must be in its perspective! Wisdom, and divine direction is the name of the game… Alleluia!

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