Text : Proverbs 4:23
” Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. “


Every man is led and driven by his heart. The things you need to do to get to where God has prepared for you in life, will only be revealed to you in your heart, by the Holy Spirit (or the devil, of course!). Read 1Corinthians 2:9-13.
This then determines what you will do or not do. So no man has any excuse. A man is moved to do whatever he does or says by his heart.Read Matthew 12:33-35.
A man’s heart will always speak to him; and what that man /woman becomes in life, will depend on what he does with what he hears his heart say to him. So, if you silence your heart your life will be silenced!

If you suffocate your heart your destiny will be suffocated! And if you pollute your heart, your entire life will be polluted. Oh yes! See Matthew 12:33.
The health of your whole life is, therefore, determined by how healthy your heart is. Please note that I am not speaking here about your biological heart, but your spiritual heart – the centre of your whole life and beign.

A healthy heart is a heart full of God – a heart free from iniquity and every form of unrighteousness – a heart that is consumed by the things that pertain to God and what he loves. A heart full of God is a hearing heart.

It’s your heart that marks you out from other men. When Moses died, inspite of many other men that could have taken his place, it was young Joshua that God spoke to to take over – Joshua 1:1. It was as I read this scripture and wondered why God made that move that I got this message I’m sharing with you.
God testified of Joshua in Numbers 14 that he had “another spirit”, and that he followed him fully, not as convenient; not one-leg-in-one-leg-out. No!

It’s a man’s heart that will determine his ways; and it’s his ways that determine his rewards. Read Jeremiah 32:9.

It’s the quality of a man’s heart that brings him distinction. David was preferred over his brother Eliab for kingship because of the quality of heart he had. God said so in1Samuel 16:7.

A correct heart will always get God’s attention. When Hannah decided to remove bitterness against Peninah and for her barrenness from her heart, she prayed and God answered her prayer – 1Samuel 1:1-23.

It is your heart that determines your works, and your works determine your rewards.

The strength of a man is in his heart and God sees and knows it. And the task God will give to a man depends on the strength of his heart.

God will trust any man with a correct heart. A correct heart counts with God more than a correct head – Mark 12:28-34.

What gives you access to the wealth of the kingdom is your heart. “It begins with a heart transplant”, Jesus told Nicodemus in John 3:3. God also promised this in Ezekiel 36:25:27.

When you love righteousness and hate wickedness your heart will be strong – Psalm 45:7. Courage is a product of a heart that knows God – Daniel 11:32; Psalm 1:1-3. This was the secret of David’s victory over Goliath in 1Samuel 17.
Courage is simply a willingness to pay the price for Christlikeness; refusing to let an intimidating world hinder you…
Do you need a heart surgery? Respond now to God’s plea – My son give me your heart... ” – Proverbs 23:26.

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#maintainingarightheart #lifeissues

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