Text : Genesis 2:24 & Malachi 2:16.
“… a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one… Didn’t the Lord make you one with your wife?…For I hate divorce…To divorce your wife is to overwhelm her with cruelty…says the Lord…” (NLT)


You see, God never made marriage to fail. Because Ecclesiastes 3:14 makes us understand that whatsover God does, or makes has a forever capacity.
If that be so, he must have adequately wired and potentialed the key players (the man and his wife) to make marriage work. Genesis 1:27-28 makes that very clear – ” Male and female made he them… And God blessed them (fully and adequately empowered them to succeed)…”

So why are so many marriages not working?
Why all the trouble, stress and tension in marriages?
Why is marriage more like hell on earth for many?
Why are marriages breaking?
Why are marriages dying? You know, God told me that divorce is the death of a marriage… Yes! And when a tree dies, what’s the hope of the branches, the fruits and all those whose wellbeing have been dependent on the fruits from the tree?
Are you getting the picture of the ripples and generational effect of a sick marriage; and worst still, a dead marriage? Lord have mercy!

Listen to this… I was thinking, why is it that men won’t let their businesses, career, profession or jobs fail? Nor is any man quick to quit his job, career, profession, or give up on a business that is not working or not generating the profit desired? No matter the challenges and hardship, he has so much faith in it that he keeps investing and putting in his best to see it succeed.

The world will definitely not have businesses that have become generational legacies and commanding global influence today, if the men and women who started them gave up on them when challenges and hardships came. Yet business, career, profession and a job don’t have an eternal value.
But tell me, why are men so very quick to give up on their marriage at the least challenge or trouble that comes up?
Why don’t men think, “To hell with this business, I can start another one.” Or “To hell with this career/job/profession! I can get another one.”
Yet just because there’s trouble in the marriage, a man is already thinking of another marriage, a “better” life with someone else (as they’re often deceived to think). Because of that, men are not willing to commit fully or put in their best to see the marriage work…

Business is all about making wealth and having fame, social status and a comfortable life.
But marriage and family are more important to God; because it’s about destinies and future generations.
The men and women that God uses to man the affairs of the world of humanity and his own business on the earth are raised, shaped, empowered and prepared by the quality of our marriages and families.

Can’t you see, husband, wife,that your marriage is not about you at all? So stop all those selfish, self centred desires, demands, and expectations! Settle down and begin to use all that God has furnished you with to make your own contribution to the success of the marriage.
Be quick to make whatever sacrifice or investment you need to make for that your marriage to succeed. Read Ecclesiastes 4; 9-12-17. By all means, your marriage must work!
Stop making excuses!
Stop casting blames!
Stop all those unrealistic expectations from that your spouse!
Just do your own job, play your own role. There’s a God you are accountable to. You just labour to qualify for his “Welldone” and rewards! I tell you, he pays well…Oh Yes! Receive grace, in Jesus precious name!
Peace and blessings!