Text: Habakkuk 2:4
“… But the just shall live by his faith. “


Your faith cannot be separated from your life.
As a new creation, you have received the God-kind of faith, to live the God-kind of life that you have received from God, your Father.
The day you accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, you received power to become a son of God (John 1:11-13).. Then you received the very kind of life that God has (eternal life – 1John 5:13). into your new spirit (Ezekiel 36:25-27).
Then you received the exact measure of God’s kind of faith that you will need to make that life produce for you as it produces for God (Romans 12:3). So, no faith,no life!

It is impossible to live the God kind of life without the God kind of faith. You cannot practice the God nature with your human nature. That would be practicing righteousness with sin –2Peter 1:3-4; 2Corinthians 5:21, Psalm 45:7). You practice human life with human nature and you practice the God life with God nature (2Peter 1:3-4); and that requires faith.

You can only see the reality and blessings of the life of God you have received by the application, or operation of faith of the Son of God. That is faith as Jesus had it; faith as Jesus knew it; faith as Jesus operated it; faith as it produced for Jesus.

You have been born a son of God like Jesus, to live the same kind of life that Jesus lived – 1John 2:6. He was the first man to live the God life in his humanity. And he made it (with the devil very much around and doing his thing), and God was pleased with him – John 8:29; Luke 3:22-23. So he is our perfect example of practicing the God kind of life with the God kind of faith.

Until you begin to put the faith of God in you to work, to power the God life (eternal life) in you to deliver maximally to you, Satan will keep frustrating your life and keep you a very miserable specimen of the glory of God on the earth. Jesus testified of himself, “Father… I have glorified thee on the earth…”- John 17:4.

Colossians 1:15 said he was the very likeness of the God that men can’t see, when he was here on earth. And he has left you and I an example for us to walk in his steps. So the faith life is easy. Just find out how Jesus lived it.
You need to sit down with the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They are records of the operation of the life of God, the faith of God and the ministry of the Word and the Holy Spirit in a man called Jesus. So God is not asking you for what you can’t do. All you need is to put off your humanity and live in a daily consciousness of your divinity. You are born again to live in the class of your Father GOD, no longer in the class or nature of your natural father (John 3:3-8).

The faith God has armed you with is the same quality of faith by which he created the world (Hebrews 11:2). It is the same quality of faith that Jesus used to do all the miracles in his life and ministry. It is strong enough, it is great enough.

But you know, no matter how sharp a cutlass is, its effectiveness will depend on the strength or weakness of the person using it. So it is you that need to be strong (spiritually) not your faith. The strength and quality of your spirit man will determine the performance of your faith and the good reports you will obtain…
God said it’s “as your soul prospereth”. The more of the Word of God you hear or eat, the more your faith comes, or stands at attention to give you victory anytime, anyday, anywhere – 1John 5:4!
The size of the problem is not an issue, it’s your strength that is the issue… Read: Matthew 17:20; Mark 11:23-24; Matthew 7:24-27; Proverbs 24:10; Proverbs 24:5, 13-14

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