Text: James 5:13
“Is any afflicted, (is any suffering) let him pray. “


It makes me so, so sad to hear people say that it is unfair, senseless or unrealistic to counsel a woman suffering domestic violence not to leave the marriage but to pray about it….
What a vote of no confidence in the power of prayer!
What an exhibition of unforgivable ignorance of God’s recommended weapon of getting Him and all of heaven involved in the affairs of men on the earth – 2Chronicles 7:14;James5:16-18!
What a despise of the only way to move the hand of God to give you victory and cause you to triumph over every satanic and demonic incursion – 2Corinthians 2:14;1Corinthians 15:57!

Jesus was face to face with a host of armed men who came to arrest him, and his disciples drew their swords, ready to fight. And he told them, ” Relax! I know how to call for divine intervention if I so wish. Do you not know that I can now pray to the Father, and he will give me twelve legions of angels to fight this battle for me?” – Matthew 26:53.
And here are mortal ignorant men saying that prayer is pointless, quitting is the answer… “Stay there and be praying until the man beats you to death! ”

All over the world now, the movie WAR ROOM is being recommended to women facing challenges in their marriages. And it’s like, “Prayer will handle it, like it did for the woman in the movie. Prayer works! ”
This is because those who have watched the movie think that things changed just because the woman prayed. So if any woman will pray, things will change.
But can I tell you this, friend? It is not prayer that changes things, it is the “tremendous power” that prayer makes available, which is “dynamic in its working” that changes things – Read James 5:16 (AMP).
So, if your prayer has not made any power available, nothing will change! You can now understand why many have been praying and it’s like nothing is changing. Yes, God is not a magician.

Prayer is not like some magic wand you wave and everything just changes to how you want it.
Prayer is not a botton you press and an instant coffee, cookie or fresh wads/notes of dollars, pounds, Naira or Euro drop for you. No! Prayer is a spiritual labour, hard work that makes spiritual power available for God to do what you desire of him. That’s why nobody can pray for you like yourself.

The power that prayer makes available is not just a force that disarms the power of darkness in your issue. Much more your prayer:
☆ Changes you, gets you on God’s side with all your heart, all your soul and all your might. Then God begins to use the changed you to change what you want changed.
That was the mystery behind the dramatic turn around in the woman’s marriage and family life in WAR ROOM. Her prayer changed her and empowered her to take personal responsibility for the change she desperately desired.
☆ At the place of prayer you receive wisdom, strength, courage, boldness, great grace and divine strategies to orchestrate the change you desire – Read Acts 4:21-33.

So you see, it’s not all up to God! It’s not “Oh God come and do it for me! ” God will definitely do it for you, God will fight for you; but he will do it with you and through you. Because having given man charge over the earth and all his creation, he does not have the legal right to get involved except you let him do it through you.

Can’t you see that it’s time to be strong? Stop all that weakness, pity-party and hopelessness! Your life is in your hands! You determine the timing for the change you desire! Tears (whether secret or open) won’t change anything. And stop looking for sympathy! Wake up, rise up and take responsibility for the positive change you desire –Mark 5; 25-34.
Quitting is not the answer! You dodge any exam, you will still need to write it sometime, and pass it, to move to the next level. Don’t go through the rest of your life with a label of failure plastered all over you…
#prayer #power #victory

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