Text: Proverbs 27:18
“Whoso keepeth the fig tree shall eat the fruit thereof… “


The reason God connects you to people is not so that you can exploit them, or become a parasite or a leech to them – only always thinking of what you can get from them, or how they can solve that your financial problem. No! It is never God’s will to make you a burden to anyone.
God looks beyond your problems and needs when he connects you to people. He’s looking at the future. It may even be for the sake of your children, grandchildren or many generations of your children to come. Or it may even be for the sake of someone else… God always thinks long term. God is always farsighted!

Once God gives you the privilege of connecting to someone, first…
♡ Be grateful to him for that new relationship that has just been born.
♡ Value the relationship
♡ Nuture the relationship
♡ Build it
♡ Invest in it
♡ Be ready to make sacrifices for it
♡ Keep the relationship healthy by all means.

As you do this without being weary, with patience and tolerance, avoiding offence, gossip and third party intrusion, very soon, the fruits of that relationship will begin to bless and enrich your life in dimensions you could never have imagined!
Yes! That’s the way things that last work. So don’t put unnecessary pressure on your relationships!
Don’t ever think someone owes you something, just because you have a relationship with them!
Don’t take advantage of your relationships! Don’t be selfish in your expectations and demands of that relationship! Rather keep it strong and blossoming… okay?

Knowing this now, if there’s any of your relationships you have hurt, or that has badly hurt you, believe God for restoration! Forget about who was wrong or whose fault it was.
Or maybe the relationship is as good as dead? Well, God’s Word says, in Job 14:7 that there is hope for a tree that has been cut down… at the scent of water, it shall bud again.
So you see, there is hope! Just make that first move of love,humility, faith, and confidence in the power of restoration, as God has promised in Joel 2:21-27.
If God says restoration is possible, and you agree with him, no devil can stop it!
Go for it! I tell you, God will be with you! He will help you! In Jesus precious name! Alleluia!

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