Text: Proverbs 22:6
” Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he grows up, he will not depart from it. “


Parents, please don’t confuse or put your children in bondage, or in a place of disadvantage in life by hammering on or focussing their attention on anything else but Christ and his finushed work for all of humanity – including those yet unborn. Yes!

Know and understand these realities yourself, and then teach and empower their hearts and minds with the Word of God concerning them. Then hand them over to God and rest. Because God’s Word says they will not depart from it.

And I assure you, no matter where they go in this world, God is responsible for their safety, defence, protection, preservation and total wellbeing. Why? Because his Word is in them! The Bible says he watches over his Word to make sure it produces, and releases a commensurate harvest. Read Isaiah 55:10-11.
And Apostle John said in 1 John 2:14, ” I have spoken to you young men because you are STRONG, and the WORD OF GOD ABIDETH IN YOU; and you have OVERCOME that evil one (the devil). The Word of God in the heart of your children makes them strong, determined and resolute in the face of any temptation, or when they need to make right choices and decisions in life.
David said, “Thy word have I hid in my heart that I may not sin against you… ” – Psalm 119:11. That’s it.
The Word of God, rich in the heart of your children is their greatest security and defence in this wicked world of increasing vices and all forms of madness!
Verse 9 of the same Psalm 119 says any young man or woman can keep himself/herself pure and unpolluted by keeping to God’s Word (not your dos and don’ts).

When you have empowered your children with the Word of God, he will keep them from falling by the power if his Word (Hebrews 4:12; 1Peter 1:5). He will not allow any man to do them any harm. Their deliverance from any kind of trouble becomes his personal responsibility (Psalm 91:14 – 15).
Trust is the name of the game. You trust your children because you know what you have put in them; and you trust God who you raised them for and have handed them over to.
Paul the apostle said in 2Timothy 1:12, “… for i know whom I have believed and am persuaded that he is able to keep what I have committed to him…” That should be your posture as a parent who has raised his/her child “in the way he should go” – not worry and anxiety!

Stop all that suspicion and eavesdropping on their telephone conversations, or a very ready ” Who was that?” soon as they’re off the phone.
Stop checking their phones to read their texts, or to see whose numbers are listed in their contacts. No! That’s not what effective parenting is all about. Let your children know you trust them!

For instance, that you see your daughter talking to a boy doesn’t mean they’re sleeping together! So don’t get ferocious and embarrass your daughter! For her sake, be nice to the boy, as you ought to be to any guest; and then ask all the questions later…
God will really help us!


Text : Jeremiah 9:24
” Let him that glory, glory in that he knoweth and understandeth me… “


If you’re born again, you have been blessed (empowered and upgraded to operate in the class of God, no longer in the weakness and imperfection of your human nature )…
You have been blessed with:
¤ the gift of eternal life –
¤ the gift of righteousness – Romans 5:17.
¤ the gift of the Holy Spirit – Acts 2:34.
So, whatever God requires of you (including chastity, purity and abstinence) should be on the basis of these three divine endowments. Any other thing you base your relationship with God on, disqualifies your efforts before God and makes you a cheap prey for the devil. I tell you!

God is happy, accepts your worship and service, stands strong to defend and protect you, when your boast and confidence is in your understanding of him and his provisions for you in Christ. That’s the way things work in the kingdom into which you were born when you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. Read Jeremiah 9:20-24; John 4:23-24.

Young lady, please stop glorying in your virginity!
> Stop thinking that that is why you’re God’s favourite!
> Stop thinking that’s why God must give you a good husband!
> Stop thinking that’s why you surely can’t have any problem getting pregnant when you marry! You’re like, “God, why is this happening to me? After all, I kept myself for you! I did not defile myself! I married as a virgin! God why? Why? ”

And God is like, “Okay then, since your virginity became your idol, and stole your heart from me… Since your faith was in your #virginity and not in my power… Well then, let your virginity save you.”

You see, you will be there and someone who lived a #reckless life and even committed several #abortions before marriage, will be getting #pregnant and having children! Read Jeremiah 17:5-8 to understand what God is saying.

When God destroyed Jericho, a #prostitute who recognised his power and trusted in him was spared, and her family too, because of her. Read Joshua chapter 2. That harlot became the great grandmother of Jesus the Messiah!

In Christ God has justified, accepted and qualified all men for all his blessings. Any other thing you are celebrating or boasting about makes you a proud person before God, and of course, puts you in a place of disadvantage.

Please, understand what I’m saying… I’m not downplaying virginity… God forbid! All I’m saying is, if you’re keeping your virginity for after wedding, let it be on the basis of your faith in God’s provision of abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness (ie, the roghtness of God in your heart) in Christ. That way, in fact, you won’t need to make any special effort to keep your virginity; because God will take personal responsibility to ensure that no temptation from any man or devil can make you fall; because he is able to keep you from falling – Jude v 24. In fact, any vagabond of a man that tries it can even die for your sake if he insists on defiling you. I tell you! No one can mess with what belongs to God… Paul said so in  1Timothy 2:12. That’s how committed God can be to anyone who trusts in his power. Yes! Faith pleases God – Hebrews 11:6.

Parents, please don’t confuse or put your children in bondage, or a place of disadvantage by hammering or focussing their attention on their own strength or efforts, or on anything else but Christ and his finished work; which is the greatest empowerment you can give them to make it in this so “crooked and perverse generation”. Don’t!
This requires that….

(to be continued… )


Text:Galatians 5:26
” For in Christ Jesus, neither circumcision, nor uncircumcision avails anything but the new creation. “


Young lady,
☆ Say “No! ” to #sex before #marriage, not  just because you want to keep your #virginity for the man that will become your husband (after #wedding), but much more because, like Joseph, it’s ” How can I do this wicked thing and sin against my God?” Read Genesis 39:9.

☆Say “No! ” to sex before marriage because again,  like Joseph, it’s “… for I fear God… ” Read Genesis 43:18

☆Say “No! ” to sex before marriage because you’re so conscious of your glorious tomorrow that you don’t want satan to #hijack it, or #sabotage it just because of a fleeting moment of sexual pleasure. Yes! Because those who have seen a #vision of their tomorrow don’t mess with sexual #immorality today. Yes!
Besides, the Word of God tells us that whatever is not of faith (ie, whatever is not a strong #conviction based on the Word of God) can easily become a #stronghold of satan, or a lethal #weapon he can use to batter your #faith in God; erode your #spiritual and #mental #strength, and totally shatter your glorious #destiny in God! I tell you.

That’s why Galatians 5:26 warns us that nothing else works for the Christian, counts with God or guarantees victory, except your knowledge, understanding and constant consciousness of your new creation status in Christ.

God expects the believer to anchor his/her faith and draw strength and wisdom for #success  and victories in life, from a sound understanding of all that he has done and provided for man in Christ.

The basis of your faith, vow or pledge or trust in God must always be anchored on who God has made you in Christ, and the legal realities of the finished work of Christ. Not your #efforts, #struggles, resolutions, #determination or self #righteousness. Otherwise you’re setting yourself up for a big fall!

God once told me, “What many Christians don’t know is that it’s only outside the Word of God that Satan can get them.” That agrees with John 1:5. Darkness will never come near light!
If you’re born again…

(to be continued… )


Text: Zechariah 4:6
“… not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit’, says the Lord of hosts”.


I write this with concern for many young girls who have become terrible #victims of guilt, #depression, low self esteem, #rejection and even suicide, because they “lost” their #virginity before #marriage. I have counseled so many of them, trying very hard to salvage their #relationship with God, because they feel so worthless before him… They had pledged their virginity to him, promising him that they will guard it jealously till they marry… And then, the unexpected happens! Maybe, #rape, #pressure from a #fiance, financial #hardship in the #family, etc.
It is so difficult to convince them that God can forgive them… So they can’t even #forgive themselves! Their #emotions and #psyche are so badly messed up…
And I tell you, most of them never recover from the #guilt and consequent #devastation for the rest of their lives.
And some who later face a challenge of #childbearing believe that God is punishing them for not keeping their promise to him to preserve their virginity till they #marry…

A young man had brought his fiancee to introduce to me, and I was earnestly looking forward to their #wedding.
He showed up in my office months after and I asked after the lady, and he goes, ” The #courtship is broken. We’re not getting married again. ”
Alarmed, I asked, But why? ”
I couldn’t believe the answer he gave me, ” She’s not a #virgin! ”
“What?”, I yelled.
Then I asked him, ” How about you? Are you a virgin? ”
“No. “, he answered.
And I said to him, ” You’re a wicked man! ”

(To be continued… )