Text: Zechariah 4:6
“… not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit’, says the Lord of hosts”.


I write this with concern for many young girls who have become terrible #victims of guilt, #depression, low self esteem, #rejection and even suicide, because they “lost” their #virginity before #marriage. I have counseled so many of them, trying very hard to salvage their #relationship with God, because they feel so worthless before him… They had pledged their virginity to him, promising him that they will guard it jealously till they marry… And then, the unexpected happens! Maybe, #rape, #pressure from a #fiance, financial #hardship in the #family, etc.
It is so difficult to convince them that God can forgive them… So they can’t even #forgive themselves! Their #emotions and #psyche are so badly messed up…
And I tell you, most of them never recover from the #guilt and consequent #devastation for the rest of their lives.
And some who later face a challenge of #childbearing believe that God is punishing them for not keeping their promise to him to preserve their virginity till they #marry…

A young man had brought his fiancee to introduce to me, and I was earnestly looking forward to their #wedding.
He showed up in my office months after and I asked after the lady, and he goes, ” The #courtship is broken. We’re not getting married again. ”
Alarmed, I asked, But why? ”
I couldn’t believe the answer he gave me, ” She’s not a #virgin! ”
“What?”, I yelled.
Then I asked him, ” How about you? Are you a virgin? ”
“No. “, he answered.
And I said to him, ” You’re a wicked man! ”

(To be continued… )

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