• SAY “NO!” TO POVERTY IN YOUR HOME – ( Excerpts )

      Tect: Psalm 112:3
      “Blessed is the man who
      fears the Lord, who
      delights greatly in his
      Wealth and riches shall
      be in his house… “

      * The government of Jesus is the government of wealth and riches. So poverty is a taboo, unacceptable and not permitted in any home where the government of Jesus has been enshrined, where the government of Jesus reigns.

      * It’s time, therefore, to say a vehement, determined “No!” to poverty in your home. Poverty must leave your home for good!

      * Proverbs 13:22 says th a good man leaves an inheritance (not poverty, debt and suffering) that goes right down to his children’s children. – 2Chronicles 21:3

      *Your own parents may have left an inheritance of poverty for you and your siblings; but you must not do that to your own children. Go wants you to give a good life to your children.
      That’s why you must know what to do to take your family from poverty, lack and want, pinching pennies and managing poverty, to wealth abd riches and continual flow of all-round prosperity.

      The reality of wealth and riches in your home is not up to God:nor is it up to the government in power in your country or your state. It’s your personal responsibility.

      * Basically, it depends more on the lifestyle you choose to live more than the kind of job or business you’re doing; or your salary or profits from your business and personal struggles and efforts.
      * I have seen from scriptures that the wealth that comes from God (which becomes the identity of your family and multiplies in the hands of your children down many generations), is a natural harvest of, or God’s reward for a man’s lifestyle or standard of life.
      Read Psalm 1:1-3, Job 1:1-10;Psalm 112:1-9; Job 29; Genesis 24:1, 22:12, Genesis
      26:1-14; etc.

      *Poverty is not a blessing it’s a curse!
      * Poverty is a mocker of destiny!
      *Poverty has nothing to do with God; it’s a work if the devilxBut Jesus’ coming has destroyed it (John 10:10; 1John 3:8).
      * Wherever you see poverty; the devil is at work. Wherever the devil is at work, poverty is the evidence..
      * So poverty in your home does not advertise God it advertises the devil! God’s will for you and your children is wealth and riches He said so in 3John 1;:2,
      ” Beloved, I wish above
      all things that thou
      mayest prosper and be
      in health, even as thy
      soul prospereth… “

      * Jesus has come, so wealth and riches, prosperity and good life have come!
      So if you’re in Christ, you are in wealth and riches – not made by your efforts, but inherited from God who is now your Father (Romans 8:16-17; 2Corinthians 8:9).

      *Now, if you live in the Word and by the Word, the wealth and riches that is your inheritance, for you and your children after you, will be made manifest in your family. Praise God! (Read Isaiah 1:19; Job 36:11).

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Text: Titus 2:3-5


The woman’s #assignment is one that cannot be delegated; neither can it be replaced by any form of #technological #invention. I say this because many jobs that humans used to do (in #factories and many institutions and #organizations) have now been replaced by #machines. But there’s no machine ever invented that can take the place of the woman in the home, the #church or in #nationbuilding.

It’s important to note that all the presidents, governors, CEOs and people in many #leadership positions all over the world today, are product’s of the #ministry of #womanhood. They are products of the woman’s continued faithfulness to home-building, #homemaking, #childbearing, #motherhood and #childtraining.

Listen, aren’t they the ones who have always been at home, while the men are out “breadwinning”?
That is why I sincerely believe that anyone who gives hope to the woman or #girlchild gives hope to the #family, the nation and the world of #humanity.
Better life for the woman, is better life for the home, the church and the nation at large.

I once heard Professor #DoraAkunyili ( in a TV interview) say…

( to be continued)