Text: Titus 2:3-5


The woman’s #assignment is one that cannot be delegated; neither can it be replaced by any form of #technological #invention. I say this because many jobs that humans used to do (in #factories and many institutions and #organizations) have now been replaced by #machines. But there’s no machine ever invented that can take the place of the woman in the home, the #church or in #nationbuilding.

It’s important to note that all the presidents, governors, CEOs and people in many #leadership positions all over the world today, are product’s of the #ministry of #womanhood. They are products of the woman’s continued faithfulness to home-building, #homemaking, #childbearing, #motherhood and #childtraining.

Listen, aren’t they the ones who have always been at home, while the men are out “breadwinning”?
That is why I sincerely believe that anyone who gives hope to the woman or #girlchild gives hope to the #family, the nation and the world of #humanity.
Better life for the woman, is better life for the home, the church and the nation at large.

I once heard Professor #DoraAkunyili ( in a TV interview) say…

( to be continued)

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