Text : Titus 2:4-5


I once heard Professor #DoraAkunyili say, in a TV interview,
“We want the next generation (of women) to be strong, bold, and prosper more than we have done… “
I say, “Yes! ”

But there’s no way that’s ever gonna happen, except by a calculated, strategized, concerted and definite effort to make it happen. I tell you!
It is time for our so much noised about #WomenEmpowerment crusades and #petprojects to begin to consciously focus, much more, on the next generation of #womanhood.

It is sad to note that the #lifestyle of many young girls today leaves so much to be desired. Not many of them are conscious of the enormity and importance of their God-ordained assignment as women who will be wives, mothers, homemakers and nation builders tomorrow.
You look at many of them and you see that they’re just living for today; without the slightest inclination of what tomorrow will demand of them!

I sincerely believe that an intense and purposeful focus on the young girls, will guarantee our hope and the answer to our prayers for better homes, better families and better leaders for our nation tomorrow.
Investing in them today, is investing in a greater and better future for our country.
I am talking about going beyond preparing them to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, politicians, bankers, etc, to preparing them to be useful and effective and profitable wives, mothers and homemakers.
These are the woman’s God given assignments that require special skills; and every skill is learned. Whatever you don’t first learn you can’t do well – Isaiah 1:17a.

Many women have succeeded with great success as professionals and career women, but are colossal failures as wives, mothers and keepers at home. It must not become a vicious cycle.

Let’s get the young girls off the streets!

Let’s give them stronger, more meaningful and eternal dreams to live for!

Let’s begin to discourage this obvious exhibition of vanity that has become so common with today’s younger generation of womanhood; which has made them preys of many unthinking and reckless boys and “sugar daddies”.

Let’s secure the destinies of our daughters, by going a long way to prepare them for womanhood with strength, wisdom, power and prosperity! Our nation will be better off for it!

The death of a young girl is the death of many generations of sons and daughters that she could have given birth to; who would have also given birth to many sons and daughters… and the cycle continues from one generation to the other.

So let’s stop our girls from dying of #AIDS; unwanted pregnancies, #abortion and health complications associated with #prostitution and child marriage! That will be the greatest and most phenomenal #empowerment of all. It’s now or never!!!

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