Text : Mathew 13:24-25


If someone is your enemy, he or she is opposed to what you think or do. Man’s greatest #enemy is the devil, whose determined #mission is to see to it that man never attains to his full potential in life – John 10:10.
“An enemy has done this… “; that was Jesus’ answer to his disciples’ amazement about his #parable of a man who sowed wheat in his farm, and woke up one day to see that someone had come in there and sowed “tares” (weeds).

The enemy’s ambition was to hinder the wheat  from growing and bringing forth maximum yield. And Jesus, in his parable said the enemy came to do that ” while men slept. ” – see Matthew 13:24-25.
Please, wake up! Your destiny is too great to be fulfilled in a sleeping state!

#Idleness is a kind of a sleeping state, where all your faculties, gifts, #talents and #skills are too #paralysed to move your hands and senses to go to work. Yes!
Idleness is the #offspring of a sleeping #mind. If your mind is not working, neither will your #hands. And you need to know that God’s #principles for success forbid that a man should eat if he’s not working – 1Thessalonians 4:10-12; Ephesians 4:28 & 2Thessalonians 3:6-12.
That is why he also recommends that “whatsoever thine hands findeth to do, do it with all thine might” – Ecclesiastes 10:9.

No one has any #excuse to live a #mediocre life; neither is there any excuse for #failure either. Because every man or woman God sends to this world of men, comes fully loaded with very unique and adequate #potentials and divine #endowments to achieve success in every area of life. Yes!
So it does not matter what your #background is, or what #environment you find yourself in, you’re not #disadvantaged at all. No, you’re not; if you dare to challenge yourself to a life of #relevance and usefulness to God and #humanity…

IT’S AN ABUSE OF DESTINY! Idleness is a state of worklessness and joblessness. It’s an #abuse of your destiny…

(to be continued… )

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