#Idleness is a state of worklessness or joblessness. It’s really an abuse of destiny, because there’s no excuse for it.

” No jobs! “, many are quick to grumble. No, the problem is that your mind is not working! Working minds don’t look for #jobs; they #create jobs.

I need to let you know that your #generation is not waiting for you to get a job; they’re waiting for you to catch a #dream that will create jobs for them! Yes! So it’s time to rise up with a strong #determination to make something out of your life that will be an eternal #legacy for many generations coming after you.

It’s men of ideas that #rule the #world; and #ideas are products of a working mind. That is, constantly putting #pressure on your mind to birth great things that will keep you busy working and productive even when you are old and grey haired.

Psalm 92:14 makes us understand that old age should not be an excuse for retirement. Because God still expects you to be very relevant “even in old age…” You can retire from a job, but not from a God-given dream or vision.

Hey, I’m talking about living for posterity here people! Not living for self, no! No slothful man or woman can ever make a mark in this life. A person who is slothful is lazy and unwilling to make any effort to work.

Listen to me, there’s no excuse whatsoever for idleness in this life! “An idle mind”, they say, “is the devil’s workshop”. What an abuse of your divine #potentials, #gifts and #talents that God has blessed you with for a great #destiny in this world of men!

Do you now see that the reason people are lazy and unwilling to work is not because there’s no work, or that they didn’t want to work? It is because the enemy (the devil) has put their minds on a wheelchair, so to speak. Jesus told us in John 10:10a, that he (i.e. the devil) comes to steal, kill and destroy. That is, for those who allow him to come.

From my fellowship with the scriptures I’ve come to understand that the devil is not a gatecrasher. He only goes where he is allowed. That’s why Apostle Peter advised, “Neither give place to the devil…”  Idleness is sure an open wide door for the devil to come make nonsense of your glorious destiny in Christ.

No government, no institution, no man or woman anywhere in this world is against you, I assure you! If you will catch a dream or birth an idea today, it will be the beginning of your release into a great and wealthy life. Come on now, join me… Let’s set the stage for the next generation!
God bless you!