Text : Proverbs 18:22
“He that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing and obtaineth favour from the Lord. “


I have come to realise that raising our daughters to be women of character and godly virtues, is more important than raising them to know how to cook, keep house and have children. Yes!

Isaiah 1:17a says, “Learn to do well… “
You do marriage with what you have first learnt to do well. However, you can learn how to cook and keep house after marriage and still have a good marriage. Why not? But you can’t learn character in marriage – it is the most important treasure a wife takes into her marriage. It is actually what makes marriage work. It is what makes “a capable wife” more than a university degree! It is the way to win her husband’s heart and contribute to his success and progress in life, more than through his stomach!

Many women are good cooks and homemakers; many have babies for their husbands every year. But their character has caused so much damage to their husbands, children and the family they married into. They are destroyers not builders! Because it is wisdom the woman uses to build a home, not culinary expertise or academic or professional qualification (Proverbs 14:1). And I tell you wisdom, character, strength and spiritual intelligence are not learnt in school! It’s in the home; and somebody has to consciously teach them, model them and inculcate them into these to-be wives (and husband’s of course!).

Please, dear parents, fathers and mothers, let’s begin to consciously organise for a better tomorrow for the country, society and our communities by paying more attention to the women who shape the leaders and people who man the various facets of our nation and society… our daughters! Let us not be more concerned about their becoming doctors, lawyers,bankers,professors, etc.

Every child born a female is born to be somebody’s wife, except they choose not to marry. But God makes male and female to come into marriage and form a formidable team to rule and govern the earth, and see His purpose for creating the earth fulfilled. Read Genesis 1:26-28.
But many marriages have frustrated this divine purpose because many of the male and female that end up in marriage are not consciously trained, taught and prepared to “practice” marriage.
Can you imagine, for instance, if untrained men and women are practicing medicine? Just think about it… Then you can imagine what is happening in marriages and families!
But things can change!
The wife is a very, very important part of the marriage equation, I tell you! If she says things will work, I tell you nothing can stop her! And if she says they won’t, hah! Get ready for the reign of hell and Satan!
It’s all about character, more than the ability to handle domestic duties…
Please, let’s partner with God to make the world a better and safer place, from generation to generation!

I would love to hear from you!

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