(Nicodemus comes to Jesus by nightAn exposition of John Chapter 3:16)…lifted from my 1991 study notebook).

It is not your high place in office, your fame or your social status that brings you recognition with God. No! Earthly things are earthly things, while spiritual things are spiritual things. They are both far apart, and one can never take the place of the other.

General knowledge, or knowing by other people’s knowing, can never give you a deep revelation of God…which is what brings salvation. There is need for you to have a personal knowledge of God.

Those who move with the crowd will never have a true taste of God. It’s time to single yourself out and identify with Christ.Then he will identify with you, and show you great and mighty things you never knew.

Nicodemus sought a personal relationship with Christ, so he came to him. If you desire the Salvation and new life that Jesus gives, you must come to him on your own. Separate yourself from the crowd, from the things,people,or the wrong knowledge that has been keeping you far from God and come.

You must put away other gods (money, fame, titles, position, etc) and come. Change your garments (of pride, greed, covetousness, self-worship, ambition, envy, etc) and come. You have clothes yourself with so much worldliness, which is unprofitable and have no eternal value. Put them off and come. Jesus is waiting with arms open…

Your knowledge of the signs, wonders and miracles of God, that you have heard so much, preaching and teaching about, cannot make you a child of God. No! Those things are physical, they are consequences of the real thing. And the real thing is to be reconciled with God through new birth…

You must be born again. You must be “born of water and the Spirit.” That is, you must allow the Word of God (the Gospel of Christ – Romans 1:16) show you your filthiness and wretchedness, and create in your heart a sincere desire to be washed clean (Ezekiel 36:2527).

Then, the Spirit of God, who indwells the Word, will now take you by the hand to God. As God accepts you in the beloved, he creates in you a new heart (spirit), and puts his Spirit within you, by whom you will know beyond every doubt that you are now born again, a new creation, a child of God.

A new awareness dawns on you – the reality of God! And you sense a new determination to live for God and obey him. Sin begins to look very, very ugly to you! You didn’t know the difference before. You didn’t know the difference between right and wrong before, because you were under the dominion of sin. There was no light in you to make you realise the darkness.

But when you are born again, the light of God, the light of life (Jesus Christ himself) comes into your life (John 1:45). And as you continue to live and walk in him, you will always see where you’re going and you will have no occasion to stumble. It becomes easy for you to identify anything that looks like darkness,and you reject it and keep away from it.

Now you have God’s nature of righteousness, and sin has no more dominion over you. You no longer have anything to do with the unfruitful works of darkness. You are now in Christ. Alleluia! (Read 2Corinthians :1721,Romans chapters 6 & 7).

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