: John 5:26
For as the Father has life in himself, so he has granted the son to have life in himself. ”

There is a life that Jesus brought us from heaven. It’s the life they live in heaven. It’s the very life God himself lives. It’s the life God originally intended for man in Adam (heaven on earth). Adam lost it.
But now,Jesus has brought that life back here on earth for man to enjoy, at last. Praise God! 1 John 5:12 says, “He that hath the son (Jesus) hath this life.” (Read 1 John 5:11-14,1 Corinthians 15:45)

if you are born again, you have received this life. Primarily, to advertise it, so that others would want it and come for it. Because it’s the real life God had purposed for man from the beginning. The life that all men born into this world inherited from Adam is not the real life. It falls completely short of the life that God created man to live here on earth.
God never intended for man to live for some time and then die. No! God never intended for man to suffer sickness and disease. No! God never planned poverty and lack for man. God did not plan hatred, envy, bitterness, wickedness, etc among men.
So you see, the life that the fallen man in Adam lives, is marketing all that the devil (not God) has to offer. And God certainly did not create man to advertise the devil and what he has to offer. No! The devil was a none issue in man’s affairs, till Adam sinned and handed over all men to the devil. God did not even mention the devil to Adam or warn him about him. He was a none issue. He was not part of God’s agenda for man here on earth. As far as God was concerned, Satan was non-existent, he was not part of the living.

We have marketed the perverted version of life enough. It’s time to market the real life. We have it now! We are in it now! 2 Corinthians 5:17 says so.
• It’s the kind of life that the fiery furnace couldn’t kill – Daniel 3:127.
• It’s the kind of life that no water can drown – Isaiah 41:12.
• It’s the kind of life that made Daniel inedible for the lions. – Daniel 6.
• It’s the kind of life that produces even in old age – Remember Abraham was 100 years old, and Sarah was 90.Yet they were still able to make the baby that God promised them. (Isaac)-Genesis 21:1-6.
• It’s the kind of life that defies any economic hardship or recession. Rather, it generates supernatural prosperity.Yes! Ask Isaac – Genesis 26:114.
• It’s the kind of life that no evil plan, wickedness or prison can subdue. Rather, it breaks jail to sit on the throne. Takes a man from prison to the palace! Ask Joseph – Genesis chapters 3941.
• It’s the kind of life that hell has no power over. Ask Jesus – Ephesians 1:1921.
• It’s not a life of the things that the gentiles seek after. At all! Rather it enjoys supernatural additions, supplies and provisions in overflow dimensions – Matthew 6:2433,John 10:10.
• It’s a life that is supposed to overthrow Satan and set up the reign of Jesus anywhere, anyday, anytime –1 John 4:4,1 John 3:8,1 John 5:4.
This life is for living, so that men will see it and want it – Matthew 5:16.

If you have received this life in Christ,what have you been doing with it? The life is no longer with God, it’s now here in us and with us who have received it – John 1:114, John 3:16.
There’s nothing else God needs to do to save man from the tormenting life Adam collected from Satan. He has taken care of that in Christ. The work is finished. This new life (Zoe) has been deposited in you and I to give and share to all men through the witness of our own lives, and through the preaching of the Gospel of Christ – Acts 1:8, Romans 1:16, 2Corinthians 5:1719,Mark 15:1620.
Let’s stop living this great life from God in the most unattractive and mundane way,thus frustrating the power it carries. Let’s stop mixing the life with other things that dilute the power of it.

(…to be continued)
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Text: Amos 3:3

Can two work together, except they be agreed? ”

This indeed is a totally new dimension to communication in marriage. I have heard and read so much that has been said and written about this very important issue in marriage. So many communication skills and approaches have been suggested to married couples to help them improve on their communication.

But I’m here to share with you, a reality that didn’t come from my many thoughts on this matter But rather a powerful truth, hitherto unknown, I believe, which the Holy Spirit dropped in my heart as I prepared for a talk show on 700 Club. The subject was Communication In Marriage. My heart totally agreed with it. In fact, it made sense. Even your own heart will bear witness that this is the very key and lasting answer to the problem of communication in marriage – if we will all begin to take this reality seriously.

Effective and productive communication in marriage takes, not just a husband and wife living together, but walking together. That is, having or sharing a common lifestyle.
It demands that the man and his wife live in the same world (right from the days of their courtship). A world consciously created by a clearly defined common purpose, a common dream, vision and pursuit that will keep them always reasoning together, sharing experiences, and interested in each other’s gist. Thus, there will be a readiness and willingness to listen to each other with genuine interest and excitement. This will definitely minimize occasions to misunderstand each other.


Friction in marriage, which often results in little, and sometimes unhealthy communication, are often results of husband and wife having diversified dreams, desires, interests and pursuits, which makes them live in two different worlds.

A world they often have to force themselves out of. And searching for the right language with which to communicate, they end up most times misunderstanding each other. It then becomes impossible to have effective communication in marriage,because the man and his wife are not of one mind, one spirit, one language concerning issues – as Phillipians 2:4 recommends.


(to be continued…)