Text: Amos 3:3

Can two work together, except they be agreed? ”

This indeed is a totally new dimension to communication in marriage. I have heard and read so much that has been said and written about this very important issue in marriage. So many communication skills and approaches have been suggested to married couples to help them improve on their communication.

But I’m here to share with you, a reality that didn’t come from my many thoughts on this matter But rather a powerful truth, hitherto unknown, I believe, which the Holy Spirit dropped in my heart as I prepared for a talk show on 700 Club. The subject was Communication In Marriage. My heart totally agreed with it. In fact, it made sense. Even your own heart will bear witness that this is the very key and lasting answer to the problem of communication in marriage – if we will all begin to take this reality seriously.

Effective and productive communication in marriage takes, not just a husband and wife living together, but walking together. That is, having or sharing a common lifestyle.
It demands that the man and his wife live in the same world (right from the days of their courtship). A world consciously created by a clearly defined common purpose, a common dream, vision and pursuit that will keep them always reasoning together, sharing experiences, and interested in each other’s gist. Thus, there will be a readiness and willingness to listen to each other with genuine interest and excitement. This will definitely minimize occasions to misunderstand each other.


Friction in marriage, which often results in little, and sometimes unhealthy communication, are often results of husband and wife having diversified dreams, desires, interests and pursuits, which makes them live in two different worlds.

A world they often have to force themselves out of. And searching for the right language with which to communicate, they end up most times misunderstanding each other. It then becomes impossible to have effective communication in marriage,because the man and his wife are not of one mind, one spirit, one language concerning issues – as Phillipians 2:4 recommends.


(to be continued…)   

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