Guday mum I saw your last post, I have a question for you…

What if a girl has a friend, and they are both in a geniune relationship that wil lead to marriage, and this friend has been suportive of her acdemics and career, and they both agree to go and wed first… Because the lady wil be joining the man where he is based – because of some reasons, they can’t afford the dowry payment before the wedding.

Then after the proper church wedding in two or 3 months time, they can go and perform the traditional rights.

Is it proper? Can they have sex wit each oder after wedding?

By all standards (scripture, tradition, society), girl, if your dowry was not been paid, both heaven and earth don’t know you are married. Believe me!

Proper marriage is not a private affair! A man who can’t pay your dowry “because of some reasons” is not yet qualified to wed you, talk of having sex with you.

Marriage is authenticated by dowry payment (not just “wedding” – whether court or church wedding. Read Genesis 24).

Whatever must last, and above all, enjoy God’s approval and blessing, must begin with a good foundation (Acts 2 vs 22; Psalm 11 vs 3).

Make God and your parents proud girls, follow the “due process”. It pays!



Text: Genesis 2:18-24
2Corinthians 5:17

Womanhood is: the ministry of the woman .

It is the woman actively engaged fulfilling the purpose for which she was created a woman…

Proverbs 31:10-31 gives us a detailed picture of womanhood, ie, the ministry of the woman. Please read it.

This picture makes it very clear that womanhood has nothing to do with the woman’s looks or physical features, but rather describes her assignment and God-determined purpose for creating the woman.

That’s why I always say, “Womanhood is not a gender issue, it’s an issue of assignment /responsibility that cannot be delegated.

Ruth 1:9 and 4:11-12 (MSG) also throw more light on the ministry of the woman. Read it, please.

The woman was created for marriage.

Yes! Marriage is the woman’s natural habitat (just like water is for the fish).

Note that God made the man and put him in the garden to work, but God made the woman and put her inside marriage.

Marriage is the woman’s world of the greatest joy and fulfillment in life – not money, her job, career, business or profession. No!

That is why when a woman is not yet married, no matter what else she is or has, or how rich and comfortable her father’s house is, her joy is not full.
And that’s why God sets the solitary in families (Psalm 68 :6).

God’s original plan and ultimate purpose for everyone born a female is to be settled in her own marriage and family. As for men, they are not that obsessed about marriage…Their own is work, work, work! That’s what empowers their sense of manhood, and gives them the greatest fulfilment.

Womanhood begins in earnest for every woman inside marriage.

It’s a three-dimensional ministry that begins after wedding – wifehood, motherhood and homemaking – Titus 2:3-5.

Womanhood is an awesome ministry that places such a great responsibility on the woman, that determines the man’s future, that of the children, the family, and consequently the nation and it’s various facets.

That is why we are talking about womanhood in the power of the new creation.

Because in Adam, sin totally displaced the woman, corrupted and limited her God given ability and capacity to fulfil the awesome task of womanhood, and consequently robbed her of the dignity and honour that God intended her for – Genesis 3.

But thank God, now, in Christ Jesus, the woman is once again fully empowered to succeed, without any limits, and to overcome all the limitations that sin introduced into her life and purpose – Galatians 6:15.

The new creation woman (the woman in Christ: blessed with every good thing that is in Christ), is a super woman,with limitless power to make it, in spite of all odds in her marriage and family life.




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“One generation passes away, and another comes… ”

-Ecclesiastes 1:4.

It’s from this scripture that the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said,

“Every time is not your time! “

That sure woke me up to a new sense of mission and responsibility that totally destroyed the spirit of procrastination and excuses in me!

Now i am so vicious and relentless in my pursuits, investing time, not spending it; loading the time that God has allotted to me on this earth with meaningful work and activities that will definitely amount to “footprints in the sands of time”.

May this challenge you too, in Jesus name!



I once published a tract : GIRLS : THE ENDANGERED SPECIE!

I marvelled that men are busy fighting for the preservation of some plants and animals, while 3-year olds are being raped by their own fathers, uncles and houseboys!

Mothers,be careful who you leave your daughters with (whether they’re babies or teenagers)!

It’s really NOT a very safe world for the female child I tell you!

That’s why while my daughters were still little, I consciously brought them under a forever canopy of God’s blessing the day I came across Deuteronomy 28:11 –

“Blessed (not endangered, not a victim of abuse) shall be the fruit of your womb.”

Everyday, from that time (till today), I never ceased to give God thanks for that scriptural reality; confessing it daily over my girls!

So you see, motherhood is more than cooking good meals for your children, clothing them, and getting them ready for school daily and doing school runs!

God will really help this new generation of mothers! Their values are so skewed! They need mentoring, like Titus 2:4-5 recommends. Let’s rise up to the task, please.



AFRAID?NO WAY! Text:Philippians 1:28-

Faith is not afraid of the devil! Never!

They made a decree in the land that anyone seen praying to his God will be thrown into the lion’s den. Daniel threw his windows wide open and prayed his loudest,daring the lion’s den.

They threw him in there alright,but he came out alive and well! (Daniel 6:1-23).

Yes! Faith has no fear!

Faith is never intimidated!

Faith is never overwhelmed by any issue, situation or circumstance!

– Dr. Ada Ezeka


In 2003, God told me:

“Do you know that when a girl child dies, generations die with her? Because that girl would have grown to give birth to sons and daughters, who would have also given birth to sons and daughters, who would have also given birth to sons and daughters, and the cycle continues!

” What is God saying to us – especially mothers?

We must preserve the destinies of our daughters! They’re TOO BEAUTIFUL TO DIE of unwanted pregnancy, AIDS, abortion, or any other disease or evil that destroys or cuts short the life of the girl child!

Let’s partner strongly with God! The future depends on it!


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It is the Will of God that every family be blessed with children. So, He (God) put a supernatural process in place for getting pregnant.

This child-making process begins when the man has sexual intercourse with his wife, and his seed (sperm ) gets into the woman’s womb (Genesis 4:1-2).

It’s a supernatural process no physical or biological disorders can frustrate, stop or reverse. Rather it has the inherent power to overcome any and every such disorders (1 John 4:4). With the partnership (of course) of an equally supernatural force called, “FAITH “, working in the hearts of both the man and his wife (Hebrews 11:11; Romans 4:18-21).

See prescriptions here>>



Do you know that doctors don’t heal? No matter the sickness,or how serious it is, doctors don’t cure.

What they do is give a name to the sickness or disease and prescribe the drugs they believe will cure it; all these as they have been taught and trained to do.

Then, as a patient, if you truly want healing, you consciously and diligently take the drugs as you were instructed.

If you despise the prescriptions and instructions, forget the healing you desire!

Now, this is my point: why do people come to a pastor, spend so much time talking about their problem; then the pastor takes time to carefully take them through a Word therapy, then give them instructions on how to handle the challenge as the Word prescribes….

Then you pray and send them forth with a deep conviction that their victory is sure, because the Word never fails….

All that, and they go from you, despise the Word prescriptions and all, and later call or come back to tell you that nothing is changed! Hah!

God’s Word is God’s unfailing panacea for any ailment of life. To despise it or take its prescriptions lightly is to pospone the victory you so desire.

God’s Word is every pastor’s authentic prescription for whatever problem any man or woman has. Anything else outside it is gimmicks!

– Dr Ada Ezeka


FAMILY LIFE UNIVERSITY… yesterday with Wisdom Word Assembly…

Lecture Topic:
“A purpose-driven life is the greatest guarantee for fulfilment in life…
Fulfilment in life begins when purpose is discovered, and is followed by a relentless, diligent commitment to it’s pursuit…

The woman’s purpose, in this life was God-determined, God-ordained, God-chosen and God-arranged before she was created -(Genesis 2:18; Genesis 1:26-28;1Corinthians 11:7-10)…

That’s why I tell women everywhere, ‘You’re not a woman by choice, you’re a woman by divine arrangement. ‘…

Womanhood is a divine calling to partner with the man for success in the work God has given him…

That’s why I also tell young men that until they have a work, they don’t need a wife…

You’re still a student, you’re still doing NYSC and you’re getting married? For what?

And you, young woman, you’re still in school, or you’re still doing youth service, and you’re wedding? Why?….

Proverbs 18:22 says, “He that finedeth a wife (not a student, not a Youth Corper) findeth a good thing.”….

The woman’s assignment and responsibilities in marriage are too great and too demanding to be combined with anything else – if we really want to do it well and enjoy maximum success that brings fulfilment…

The woman, in marriage, is under God’s employment, and I tell you, God pays well…
The woman’s assignment in marriage is to be: a wife, mother and homemaker -Titus 2:4-5…

On your wedding day, God gives you a husband and a home -work has started! (Read Ruth 1:9;Ruth 4:11-12 from the Message Bible, and also Proverbs 14:1)….

It is what you do with this primary assignment God created you for, and how you value and apply yourself to it that will determine your fulfilment in life, more than anything else you choose to do in life… ”

– Dr Ada Ezeka



Text: 1Corinthians 14:40
“Let all things be done decently and in order. ”

As much as God wants us to do whatever we do with all our might, he wants us to do it well and in order. That is, according to his ways, principles and prescribed order (Read Isaiah 55:8 -11).

In Matthew 6:33 he said to not only seek first his Kingdom, but much more, the right ways of doing things in the Kingdom.

Many Christians are not aware of this demand that walking with or working for God places on us. So they are busy doing things for God, but anyhow. Some are even doing it the world’s way, some are doing it the cultural or traditional way.

But you know, God is not an anyhow God. So whatever you do anyhow is not acceptable with him. It must be God-how! That’s why Jeremiah 5:4 says we have poor results (Read Jeremiah 5:4).

You see, you can do anything else part time and get some level of results, but not marriage and family!

Every other thing you do is about making a living, but marriage/family is about making lives. It’s about the making of men and women that God can use to POWER both his Kingdom and the society, to make the world a better place (Read Malachi 2:15).

Whatever affects or hurts our marriages and families affect God’s purpose and agenda for his world of humanity. Because the family is God’s labour marketmarket.

The failure of the first marriage and family in Eden makes that very clear. It totally sabotaged and thwarted God’s heaven-on-earth agenda. Satan took over! (Read Genesis 1:26-18; Romans 5:12)!

This is why you need to give full and great spiritual attention to your marriage and family.

As much as money is important, your marriage and family need you more than it needs your money.

That’s why I always say that we are not in marriage to make ends meet, we areare in marriage to raise “godly seeds” (children that God can use). That’s why your marriage must work.
You don’t need a fat bank account to raise children that God can use, as much as you need a strong and healthy marriage and family.

A healthy and strong marriage and family will enjoy God’s commitment and supernatural supplies always (Read Genesis 18:19; Hebrews 13:20-21; Matthew 6:33).

One day God said to me, “Don’t you know that your family is the first Kingdom ground? Whatever you do, give or invest in your family, you’re doing it for the Kingdom, and I will reward you!”

Can you now see that it is foolishness to neglect your marriage and family for your Ministry, business, job, career, etc?

That also means that your success in any of these does not impress God, if your marriage and family are nothing to write home about! Oh yes!

Nothing else you give your time, energy and money to is as important to God as your marriage and family. God rates a man by the quality of his marriage and family, not by his success in Ministry/career/business or his bank account.

Your testimony of success in Ministry, business or career is not complete without a proven testimony of success in marriage and family life (1Timothy 3:1-4; Job 1:1-3; Genesis 18:19). Alleluia!

Infact, if you don’t have a good marriage and family life, God cannot trust you! The whole world may be celebrating you, but as far as God is concerned, you’re a collossal failure!

Marriage is THE RELATIONSHIP between a man and a woman who have been LEGALLY joined together as husband and wife. It is a partnership that requires the two key players’ total (not part time,nonchalant, careless or half-hearted) commitment for it to twork profitably (Read Ecclesiastes 4:9-12; Ephesians 5:22-31; Romans 11:12).

In God’s definition, the family is the man, his wife and his children. And from Scriptures I have seen that God talks about the family with reference to the man, not the woman (Genesis 18:19 ; Psalm 115:12-14; 1 Timothy 3:1-4).

This is because the family belongs to the man, not his wife. So, if you’re not man enough in your family, how can God see you as man enough for his work or for anyone else?

– Dr. Ada Ezeka