Many women make fruitless efforts to please their husband.

They go: “Nothing I do pleases him! “.

Why not? Because that’s a wrong approach to wifehood! God didn’t send you into his life to please him (your husband ); he sent you to help him – even if it will require displeasing him sometimes!

God said the man needed help to make it in life; and it’s you he sent to him.

Wow! So you’re God’s HELP AGENT in his life – you are on assignment. You therefore labour to please the one who sent you, and then he does the job through you – perfectly! Though it may not seem so to the man or anyone else.
And you know what? He (God) pays well (Read Isaiah 65:21-22)!

Be more afraid of God than your husband! Any woman who sees her husband doing wrong and remains taciturn, or approves of it, for fear of abuse or losing her marriage is a wicked woman! Is that how to help a man?

There are things some men do and you wonder, “Was his wife not there?”

That’s what happens when a woman is more afraid of her husband than the God who “employed” her to help him be the man he is created to be.

This is why every wife needs to be in a very strong and virile relationship with God – for a constant supply of grace and wisdom that will command the man’s respect and trust, and not his intimidation or reaction.

Of the capable wife Proverbs 31:11 says:

her husband’s heart trusts safely in her, she will do him no harm all her life…” (Living Bible).

That’s because she’s doing her job as a wife, not to please her husband but to please God; so her words and actions are inspired by God.

This is a message for both husbands and wives. A lot of us need to change our approach to marriage. Our marriages must work; because God is interested!

May the Lord give you understanding in Jesus name!

3 thoughts on “MARRIAGE MATTERS…”

  1. Awesome message on family matters,how can one enroll in family life University……is there long distance learning?I am from Kenya.Thanks


    1. You can follow the teachings on Facebook and Instagram :
      Family Life With Ada Ezeka Facebook page
      @familylifeuniversity on Instagram
      Or google Ada Ezeka Speaks , or
      The messages are also on YouTube


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