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It is the Will of God that every family be blessed with children. So, He (God) put a supernatural process in place for getting pregnant.

This child-making process begins when the man has sexual intercourse with his wife, and his seed (sperm ) gets into the woman’s womb (Genesis 4:1-2).

It’s a supernatural process no physical or biological disorders can frustrate, stop or reverse. Rather it has the inherent power to overcome any and every such disorders (1 John 4:4). With the partnership (of course) of an equally supernatural force called, “FAITH “, working in the hearts of both the man and his wife (Hebrews 11:11; Romans 4:18-21).

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Do you know that doctors don’t heal? No matter the sickness,or how serious it is, doctors don’t cure.

What they do is give a name to the sickness or disease and prescribe the drugs they believe will cure it; all these as they have been taught and trained to do.

Then, as a patient, if you truly want healing, you consciously and diligently take the drugs as you were instructed.

If you despise the prescriptions and instructions, forget the healing you desire!

Now, this is my point: why do people come to a pastor, spend so much time talking about their problem; then the pastor takes time to carefully take them through a Word therapy, then give them instructions on how to handle the challenge as the Word prescribes….

Then you pray and send them forth with a deep conviction that their victory is sure, because the Word never fails….

All that, and they go from you, despise the Word prescriptions and all, and later call or come back to tell you that nothing is changed! Hah!

God’s Word is God’s unfailing panacea for any ailment of life. To despise it or take its prescriptions lightly is to pospone the victory you so desire.

God’s Word is every pastor’s authentic prescription for whatever problem any man or woman has. Anything else outside it is gimmicks!

– Dr Ada Ezeka