I once published a tract : GIRLS : THE ENDANGERED SPECIE!

I marvelled that men are busy fighting for the preservation of some plants and animals, while 3-year olds are being raped by their own fathers, uncles and houseboys!

Mothers,be careful who you leave your daughters with (whether they’re babies or teenagers)!

It’s really NOT a very safe world for the female child I tell you!

That’s why while my daughters were still little, I consciously brought them under a forever canopy of God’s blessing the day I came across Deuteronomy 28:11 –

“Blessed (not endangered, not a victim of abuse) shall be the fruit of your womb.”

Everyday, from that time (till today), I never ceased to give God thanks for that scriptural reality; confessing it daily over my girls!

So you see, motherhood is more than cooking good meals for your children, clothing them, and getting them ready for school daily and doing school runs!

God will really help this new generation of mothers! Their values are so skewed! They need mentoring, like Titus 2:4-5 recommends. Let’s rise up to the task, please.


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