Guday mum I saw your last post, I have a question for you…

What if a girl has a friend, and they are both in a geniune relationship that wil lead to marriage, and this friend has been suportive of her acdemics and career, and they both agree to go and wed first… Because the lady wil be joining the man where he is based – because of some reasons, they can’t afford the dowry payment before the wedding.

Then after the proper church wedding in two or 3 months time, they can go and perform the traditional rights.

Is it proper? Can they have sex wit each oder after wedding?

By all standards (scripture, tradition, society), girl, if your dowry was not been paid, both heaven and earth don’t know you are married. Believe me!

Proper marriage is not a private affair! A man who can’t pay your dowry “because of some reasons” is not yet qualified to wed you, talk of having sex with you.

Marriage is authenticated by dowry payment (not just “wedding” – whether court or church wedding. Read Genesis 24).

Whatever must last, and above all, enjoy God’s approval and blessing, must begin with a good foundation (Acts 2 vs 22; Psalm 11 vs 3).

Make God and your parents proud girls, follow the “due process”. It pays!

I would love to hear from you!

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