Do you want to know what God once told me? He said,


You know God never talks with his eyes on natural or physical things (1Samuel 16:7).

So you see woman, God rates you by your value to your husband; (not your jewelries, clothing, outward beauty, or your success on your job, or in your career, business or profession ).
This, in fact, is the primary reason he brought you on the scene in the first place (Genesis 2:15-25).

So it’s time for us female treasures of God to begin to re-evaluate our values and priorities.

I always say, if you get all Alphas in your elective courses in the University, and fail in your major course, you’re still not qualified for the certificate!

There is so much reward God has planned for us for the ” help meet ” responsibility he created us for; but we must do the job first, and do it very well.

Many women’s hearts and eyes are on the reward more than on the job. Wages always come after the job is done, not before.

That’s why I say to women everywhere i go… ” You’re
not in marriage for enjoyment; you’re in marriage for assignment!”

Ladies, let’s keep at it, more resolutely than ever! God pays well!




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Text: Esther Chapters 1-10

You see, the most remarkable thing about Esther’s one night with the king, was not her change of story, or her becoming Queen. No!

It was, much more, the revolution that her becoming Queen brought in the whole nation.

* What you become in God is primarily for others to become what God wants for them.

Simeon said of the baby Jesus at his dedication, “Behold, this child is destined for the fall and rising of many in Israel…” – Luke 2:34.

(Of course, it will always be a two-edged sword. Was Esther becoming Queen not also for the fall of Harman?).

* When you become what God has programmed for you to be on this earth, somebody’s story/status is about to change.

Did Mordecai’s story and status not change when Esther became Queen?

* We are made/changed to be used of God to make others, so that their circumstances can also change.

* Esther’s change of story turned out to be for the rising of Mordecai, the deliverance of the Jews and for the falling of Harman and all the enemies of the Jews (God’s people).

* You see, you’re useless to God now as you are in your struggling, beggarlly, pitiful, poor and lowly state! Yes!

* Your story can change!
And your story must change!
I mean, your story just has to change!

* There is something you must become! There’s a position you must rise to for such a time as this, , for the falling of those who must fall, and for the rising of those who must rise! I tell you!

Can you imagine? One young woman’s change of story sparked off such an unimaginable revolution in a whole nation! God and his people just took over and began to decree and determine what happens in the nation. The king became a mere instrument of authorizing God’s decrees in the land.

All because of just one beautiful girl whose story changed! A slave girl! An orphan! A nobody!

But her story changed! Suddenly, she became so influential! She had power with God, she had power with men! And God could now use her to make life better for others. Alleluia!

Come on! God is no respecter of persons – Acts 10:34 & 35.
So you could be that person both God and your nation have been waiting for!

So, arise! Shake yourself from the dust o son of God! Put on your strength! Put on Christ, in whose image you have now been recreated! So, you’re not disadvantaged in any way! Start knowing some things brother/sister!

You have heard it said, “Becoming The Best You Can Be.” I need to let you know however, that in Christ, legally, God has made you the best you can be, fully furnishing you with all that you need to make it all manifest in the world of men here on earth, for his glory and for the benefit of others.

So, get to know who you are, what you have and what you can do in Christ, and begin to function in those realities for a life that speaks, a life that counts for generations…

Read: Philemon 1:6; 2Timothy 2:15; 2Timothy 3:15-17;1Corinthians 15:10; Colossians 1:27; Ephesians 2:6 & 10.
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Healing is spiritual and can only be accessed through that which is also spiritual.That is, YOUR FAITH.

Faith is a spiritual force that resides in the recreated spirit of the believer. So no faith, no healing.

“And he said unto her, ‘daughter THY FAITH hath made thee whole; go in peace and be whole of Thu plague. ‘”- Mark 5:34.

God said in Exodus 23:25,

“I will take sickness away from the midst of thee. “

How does he do that? By your faith! It is with your faith that you plug into God’s healing power (which is loaded in his Word ), to download your healing for your benefit.

That’s why I always say, “Every sickness is “healable! ” Yes! Just let faith be present.
I see your faith in divine healing (i.e. miraculous healing) working so powerfully for you right now in Jesus name!

Just speak and act what you believe, right away. For, “we believe therefore we speak… with the heart man believes and with the mouth he confesses (speaks)what he believes. ” – 2Corinthians 4:13 & Romans 10:10.

You have a testimony, in Jesus name!


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You don’t wait to get married, to create the kind of marriage you want.

You begin to create it, so when you enter into the marriage, you’re enjoying the world you have already created.

Determine to build a great marital destiny to the name of the Lord(not to please your father or your mother, or your tradition or your culture).

You have to take personal responsibility to create your own marital destiny.

My prayer for you is that, the marital destiny which you will build will be great, for our God is greater than all gods.







I want to bring a very powerful reality to your consciousness, if you’re a father or mother of either sex of children.

You see, that your baby or little boy, is somebody’s husband and father in a growing mind and body today!

The same way, that your baby or little girl, is somebody’s wife and mother in a growing mind and body today.

Raise them and prepare them with this reality in mind, beginning now.

So that tomorrow you will be giving somebody the best husband or the best wife anyone could ever prayed for!

Families are filled with many quack husbands and wives, who are busy reproducing their “quackness” in their children… and the vicious cycle continues!

We must not be more concerned about furnishing the world’s labour market with doctors, lawyers, engineers, bankers, etc.

Let’s begin to consciously prepare quality husbands and wives, fathers and mothers for the next generations of family.

We will definitely have better economic, political, cultural and social climates for growth, peace and prosperity in our nations. Praise God!






Do you know that doctors don’t heal?

No matter the sickness,or how serious it is, doctors don’t cure.

What they do is give a name to the sickness or disease and prescribe the drugs they believe will cure it.

And all these as they have been taught and trained to do.

Then, as a patient, if you truly want healing, you consciously and diligently take the drugs as you were instructed.

If you despise the prescriptions and instructions, forget the healing you desire!

Now, this is my point: why do people come to a pastor, spend so much time talking about their problem…

Then the pastor takes time to carefully take them through a Word therapy, then give them instructions on how to handle the challenge as the Word prescribes….

Then the Pastor prays and sends them forth with a deep conviction that their victory is sure, because the Word never fails….

All that, and they go from you, despise the Word prescriptions and all, and later call or come back to tell you that nothing is changed! Hah!

God’s Word is God’s unfailing panacea for any ailment of life. To despise it or take its prescriptions lightly is to pospone the victory you so desire.

God’s Word is every pastor’s authentic prescription for whatever problem any man or woman has. Anything else outside it is gimmicks!





As a husband, you should be so into your wife,and so relevant in her life that no matter where she goes,your presence and influence becomes a compelling force for her against any temptation and harassment.

That’s strong leadership!

The husband is God’s recognized authority over his wife’s.


1 Corinthians 11:3,10, Genesis 3:1-9.

Happy weekend!



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God has made adequate provisions for your healing in the new and better covenant, and in the Kingdom into which you have been born as a son of God.

So it really baffles him when you are “unhealed.” Yes!

In Jeremiah 8:22, he wondered,

“Is there no balm in Gilead?; is there no Physician there? Why then is not the health… of my people recovered? “

Beloved, it’s time to settle down to what God has already settled for your anyday, anytime, anywhere total healing and deliverance from every form of sickness and disease!
. Meditate on these scriptures :
-Colossians 1:13;

1 Peter 2:24;

Proverbs 4:20-22;

Romans 8:11.

You are blessed!






WHEN YOU’RE IN FAITH… When you’re in faith, God will know by:

1. The state of your heart

– Is your heart oscillating between God and alternatives?


– “Maybe I should go to the hospital o!” Or,

– “What if God doesn’t heal me and this sickness gets worse? ” Or,

– “Won’t people think I’m being foolish by not taking drugs?”

I tell you, if this kind of war is going on in your mind then you’re not in faith!

You had better take resolute steps towards getting medical help.

2.Now look at the way a faith-filled mind thinks:

“If I can just touch the hem of his garment, I know I will be healed… ”

Read about the woman to whom Jesus said, “Your faith has made you whole… ” in Mark 5:25-34.

Also read and meditate on: James 1:5-8; Luke 1:45; Mark 11:24.

Peace and blessings!



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