The most important institution in this world, is the marriage institution. I speak the truth in Christ, I lie not!

This is because it determines the quality of families we have.

And the quality of families we have, determine the quality of people we release into the society.

And the quality of people who power the society, determine the quality of the society, and what it offers the people in it.

It is the individuals at the various helms of the affairs of the society, that determine the quality of life the society offers and provides for the people.

The quality of people powering the helms of affairs at various levels in the society, also determines the social, economic and political climate in that society.

That’s why I always say :
“We cannot have a strong nation without strong people!
And we cannot have strong people without strong families!
And we cannot have strong families without strong marriages! ” Yes!

Marriage! Marriage! Marriage!
Serious business, I tell you!
Dr Ada Ezeka.